How to beat Top Champion Geeta in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

How to beat Top Champion Geeta in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Top Champion Geeta is the final obstacle to your title as Champion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four, you have one final battle ahead of you in the Path to Victory storyline. The Path to Victory quest is a pretty tough one, replete with dangers and challenging battles. Geeta has a quite powerful team, and is stronger than any of the Elite Four members. Her team is also finely tuned to offer plenty of challenge to the player. Keep reading within this guide to find out what kind of team she wields, as well as what level Geeta’s Pokemon are, and even what the best counters are to use agianst the Top Champion.

Pokemon League Chairwoman, Geeta isn’t a truly unforgiving opponent. Rika will heal up your Pokemon and allow you to set up your team before the fight. Once the cutscene is over and you’ve prepared, head through the door and up to the roof to battle Geeta. Being able to choose a team of six specifically for the battle with Geeta makes things a lot easier than the rest of the Elite Four challenge. You will be able to bring types that directly counter her own choices.

How to beat Top Champion Geeta in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Fighting Top Champion Geeta will not be easy. It’s a great idea to have most of your team in the 65 level range or so before taking them on. The levels won’t count for much against its true terror, Glimmora, who unleashes the deadly Tera Blast and wrecks a lot of Trainers.

How to beat Top Champion Geeta in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Here’s Geeta’s team:

Pokémon Level Type Weaknesses
Espathra 61 Psychic Bug, Dark and Ghost
Gogoat 61 Grass Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison and Ice
Avalugg 61 Ice Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel
Kingambit 61 Dark / Steel Fire, Fighting and Ground
Veluza 61 Water / Psychic Bug, Dark, Electric, Grass and Ghost
Glimmora 62 Rock / Poison
Terra Type: Rock
Ground, Psychic, Steel and Water
Terra Type: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water

Espathra, Gogoat, and Veluza all share Bug, Dark, and Ghost vulnerabilities so they can be countered with Fire or Bug types pretty well. Moves like Crunch, Surf, Hydro Cannon and other moves that hit relevant weaknesses will be key here. Fighting-types can also be a good counter as well. If you have a decently leveled Primeape, try bringing them along to counter Avalugg, Kingambit, and Glimmora.

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As for what Pokemon to bring, it depends entirely on what you have leveled up ahead of time. Charizard did well against them. It will get wrecked by either Veluza and its Water moves, or Glimmora and its Tera Blast, bring in something else to take them on. Annihilape may be good against Veluza. If you picked Fuecoco and have Skeliderge on your team, they’re a good clutch option against most of Geeta’s team as well. My team for beating Geeta was the following: Skeliderge, Charizard, Raichu, Azumarill, Corviknight, Annihilape. Gyrados and Arcanine are also good options if you don’t have Charizard or Azumarill, as both can hit weaknesses on key members of the Champ’s team.

With Champion Geeta defeated, you can finally claim the title of Pokemon Champion. Although, you still have a final battle against several more elite Trainers. Your rival and Cassiopeia both wait at the Academy, and then there’s the post-game.

If you’re struggling with previous areas of the game, we’ve got guides on a lot of things in Scarlet and Violet. Beating the Path of Legends via the Stony Cliff Titan, Open Sky Titan, Lurking Steel Titan, Quaking Earth Titan,  and finishing up with the False Dragon Titan. Then there’s all the Gym challenges to get here. Basic fights like Iono are pretty easy. But it’s gets more challenging.  The Water Gym Leader Kofu is a real tough battle. Larry the Normal Gym Leader, Ryme the Ghost Leader, getting deeper in your face at the Psychic Gym. Then finishing off with the Ice Gym. And amid all of that is the Team Star storyline. Beating Team Star bosses GiacomoMela, Atticus, Ortega and Eri are all pretty strong. The secondary guides for Scarlet and Violet can be helpful too. You might want to learn about Breeding Pokemon, the Triple Masuda method, as well as how feathers work.

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