Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – How To Beat The Fire Crew

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - How To Beat The Fire Crew

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has a lot of things for an aspiring Champion Trainer to do. Among school classes, Gym training and collecting the full Pokédex, there’s a lot of things to handle. Team Star needs to be taken out. Cassopeia and your cohorts and working to bring down this fiery gang of hooligans, and the battle is really heating up. And it’s going to get much hotter as you take on the Fire Crew in Scarlet and Violet, headed by Mela.

This is the second base within the Team Star storyline, and the first real challenge in the game. Thing is, you could approach this in any order you want, but there definitely is an intended order thanks to the levels of the Pokemon faced. The Starfall Street has five parts, and during this second battle, you’ll be facing Pokemon around level 25. You’re supposed to take this on right after you beat Dark Crew, and before you take on Iono and the third Electric Gym. But you do you.

Getting to the Fire Crew Base

Leaving Artazon from the east exit, you can then head over and follow the path northeast then north. This will lead you to East Province (Area One) nearby to Levincia. You actually be able to see the city off in the distance. Check out the image below for where to go. Once you get close, you should get a Rotomphone call that will explain what’s going on with the base. Depending on the order you’re taking things in, you may get introduced to some new help along the way.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - How To Beat The Fire Crew

Run over to the game and challenge the guard, they’ll use a Hondour which can easily be beaten with Ground-type moves. Once you’ve beaten the gate guard, it’s time for the real fight to begin. Much like the last time with the Dark Crew, you’re expected to take out 30 Pokemon in 10 minutes with three of your own.

How To Beat The Fire Crew

And once again, the Star Barrage begins, and you have 10 minutes to take out their waves of enemy Pokemon. You’ll face Liteol, Growlithe, Houndour and Torkoal in great numbers. Just keep sending your Pokémon out using the ‘R’ button and roll over them. As long as you brought the right types, you should be fine. If you notice their health dropping low, head back over to your friend standing by the gate to heal. Be sure to heal before the boss comes out as well. As long as you keep moving and taking out enemies, you should have plenty of time.

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Schedar Squad is no pushover, as their leader is a pretty competent Trainer. Her type weaknesses are pretty obvious, being a Fire-type Trainer. Don’t bring Bug, Grass, Steel or Ice moves to this brawl, as they won’t deal enough damage. Instead, you will want Water, Ground or Rock type moves and Pokemon on your team. Donphan is a great choice, as is Sandile/Korokorok for Ground. Bring along a Psyduck or Wiglett for Water types. Lycanroc can be a great option for Rock, with solid Speed.

Beat the barrage, and that’s when Mela rocks up with her hardcore style. Here’s her team:

  • Torkoal – Level 27 – Fire – Weak to Water, Ground, Rock
  • Revavroom – Level 26 – Fire – Weak to Water, Ground, Rock

Don’t take this fight lightly, as this pair can be deceptively strong. Revavroom will Screech at you to lower your Defense massively, then unleash powerful attacks to really wreck you. Fighting the Starmobile after Torkoal also means that there will be harsh sunlight thanks to Torkoal’s Drought, so use Ground or Rock Type moves instead of Water to avoid the damage reduction. Donphan can easily take out both if it’s high-level enough, but if you’re taking these on in the intended order, you’re probably going to need to swap out or heal mid-fight.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - How To Beat The Fire Crew

Beat Mela, and you’ll earn some LP points, crafting materials, and TM038 Flame Charge.

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