ISKMogul Adventures is a growing and competitive gaming site that targets a wide variety of audiences. We reach tens of thousands of gamers and geeks every month. If you’re looking to promote a product there are a variety of options available to you. We run advertising plans in a variety of formats as well as custom advertising units.

We’re also open to sponsored content, but only if it’s fully disclosed and high-quality.

Direct paid adverts are given premium weighted rotation so that they display most often. Sizes shown below reflect maximum size in that particular ad slot, variations are available, such as 160×600 or 468×60.

All advert creation and tracking is handled via Google DFP and Ezoic, although some custom targeting may be handled by on-site code, such as targeting certain categories or content types.

Default Ad Sizes and relative locations:

300×250 Banner in Sidebar on most pages

728×90 Banner in a dual position above the fold and below it on individual site posts

300×600 Banner on our Homepage Sidebar, in top and bottom positions

Custom ad locations and targeting are available as well.


For more information and to discuss other opportunities, you can reach us through our contact page, please include relevant contact details with your message.

To purchase advertising directly, please use Adsella to buy an ad slot in a quick and easy transaction, we will be expanding our ad inventory in the future, so keep an eye out.