How to complete the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife

The new weekly challenge is live in BitLife, and it’s a pretty hard one. This guide will help you learn what you need to do to complete the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife. To complete the new challenge in BitLife this week, you will need to do a few things. The first thing you need to do is own the right in-game content. You need to buy the newly released Black Market expansion, and itt’s vital to completing the challenge. BitLife’s Black Market expansion pack allows you to dive into the deepest parts of auctioning and building a museum. Keep reading to learn more.

How to complete the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife

Here are the steps you need to get done:

Getting Life in Order as a Fashion Designer

The first thing you need to do is make your character. Choose a male character and ensure they are born in New York City. After that, you need to focus on getting an education. Get to university, you can either pay for it manually, or get your parents to pay for it. You could also work on getting a scholarship of some kind. When you get to university, you need to pick your major. You should go to university with a Graphic Design major. You can also try anything art-related, that should work as well.

You can find the Jr. Fashion Designer job by looking under the Occupation tab. If you can’t get the job to show up, either age up or reset the app to refresh the list. That will eventually get you the job you want. With the new challenge this week, you need to put your effort to getting promoted to the actual role you want.

Death Dealing for a BitLife Museum

After buying the BitLife Black Market expansion pack and opening your museum, you can purchase goods from the Black Market and auction houses each year. You need to have five million dollars to pay the opening cost of running a museum, so you better have a good job. Once you have it open and a wing setup, you can begin collecting “artifacts”.

The real trick to getting bodies to stack into your displays is to start killing. Murder in BitLife is pretty easy to pull off. To murder someone in Bitlifeyou will need to visit the Activities menu, then click Crime. From there, choose the option to commit Murder. You will be given a list of options for a target and the kind of murder you want to try and do, The outcome isn’t guaranteed, as you can fail in trying to get rid of them. You need to do this six times and get away with it, so choose targets that are less likely to get you caught. For example, try to steer away from people you know as that may draw suspicion to you. You will need to take out a few family members though, mostly for the next step.

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If you’ve already committed murders, it’s time to get them taxidermied. You can usually do this when a loved one dies as part of their funeral arrangements. When a loved one dies, you get asked via an event popup what you wish to do with the body. You can pay around $30,000 to have them taxidermied. You may not be able to get the bodies you need from murder, though, that’s where the black market comes in.

Once that’s done, you can focus on running your museum of horrors — more on that below.

There are a few tips to keeping your museum profitable and open once it’s ready. Generally speaking, the more appealing your museum collection is and the more items you have, the more people will buy tickets and visit. Keep your exhibits clean to keep people coming in. You need to make enough money to afford the stuff you’re going to need to buy.

This is where you need to pay attention to the wings you open and what you’re buying. You will need to be checking the Black Market for anything that’s listed as a taxidermied human body. You have to fill an entire wing of your museum with them, so it may take a few years of constantly checking the market to find the items you need. Be careful with black market goods. There’s a chance the police will come in and confiscate the items sometimes. If that happens during the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife, just try and find another source of bodies to stack into your macabre museum.

To place an item in your museum, click on it in the menu, then click on a wing. You will see the listed displays that you can place an item into. Load one of your taxidermied bodies into a display, then repeat for all of your displays.

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