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New Torchlight III trailer focuses on classes and party composition

Torchlight III

Torchlight III will leave Steam Early Access in a short little while when it moves to full release. When that happens in a few days, things are about to get very interesting for RPG fans. Developer Echtra Games has unleashed one more trailer for the EA period. The new video highlights the different classes, relics, pets, and more.

The action-RPG’s getting wild with tons of new additions for the franchise. Players can not only get tons of gear, but they even get player housing.  The player housing is just one element, as the trailer mostly focuses on the four new classes. Gamers get four classes with all the classic RPG playstyles in the game.


New  Choices With New Classes

There are four classes in the game. The four classes roll with their own playstyle. There’s the hammer-smashing badass of the main fighter. There are other styles to pick from as well. The Dusk Mage brings its magical muscle to bear for example, by making use of the expansive new active skill system. Complemented by passive skills galore, players have tons of new options for builds and overall choices beyond the basic class archetypes. So with all those options, there’s going to be plenty of replayability as well.

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The Torchlight III trailer also shows more with items and other stuff coming in the sequel. The loot pile is getting much bigger this time around.  Epic Gear will number more and more than ever before. Players will also get access to more than 100 Legendary items as well. All of this is going to be pretty wild, as players can alter stats and appearances to a degree as well. You even have a bunch of new stuff going on with player housing and the like. Folks playing the game can head back home to upgrade their gear and customize things too.

Torchlight III is currently available on Steam for $30 USD. Once it leaves Early Access, at a price of $40 when it goes to full release.

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