How to Commit Murder in Bitlife

How to get away with murder in BitLife

A life of crime doesn’t pay so well in the real world, but video game portrayals of terrible crimes are a different story. CandyWriter’s BitLife is on the side of the tracks where video game fans can get away with all manner of crimes. You can even join the Mafia. But for this week, there’s a certain challenge you need to do. For the challenge this week, you need to successfully murder 10+ people. That’s a tall ask, and will take some work to do right. Here’s how you can commit, and even get away with, Murder in BitLife.

How to Commit Murder in BitLife

To murder someone in Bitlifeyou will need to visit the Activities menu, then click Crime. From there, choose the option to commit Murder. You will be given a list of options for a target and the kind of murder you want to try and do, The outcome isn’t guaranteed, as you can fail in trying to get rid of them. The choice you make seems not to matter too much, although killing all of your family and friends can make you the prime suspect. Maybe try going after people who you don’t know to decrease the chance of being caught. If you do get caught by the police, you will have a chance to run away, although the odds of success are very low. The police are very persistent, and it could end up with your character dead or in jail.

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That said, we recommend experimenting and seeing what works and what doesn’t, but why would you even want to murder someone? Well, murdering people in Bitlife is required for a few achievements and challenges.

You really want to get lucky and get away without getting caught, so try again with a new character if you care that much. Otherwise, you could try to escape prison and continue on with your life. If you do get caught though, you will also lose your job and likely have to spend a few years in prison.

Committing major crimes like this in the game carries pretty hefty prison terms, so be careful. You may end up in prison, so be warned, it’s not easy to get out. Escaping prison in BitLife is a matter of luck and knowing the puzzles, although we do have some helpful tips in the linked guide.

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