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Path of Exile Slam skills teased for Path of Exile: Harvest

Path of Exile Slam skills

Grinding Gear Games has announced the next batch of teases for Path of Exile: Harvest. And it’s not just new skills this time either. Many existing classic POE attacks will be reclassified within this new category. Each skill in the category will offer a new mix of ranged gameplay with melee focuses. In short, if you’ve played Sunder, you kind of know what GGG is going for here.

Path of Exile Slam skills are the new class of skills, offering some new offensive options for POE players. The developer has also announced another new class of skill gems with a rework of Brand skills that completely changes the way they play. And with these new Slams, the variety of builds could be in for a big shakeup.

So let’s break down what these new and reworked Path of Exile Slam skills are. We will also include a bit about how they work and interact with other skills.

The Fist of War Support

Fist of War Support is a new skill that interacts with a variety of different melee skills, including many of the new Slams, to add a new dimension. Players running these supported gems will find that the attacks have been given a huge buff to both damage and AoE effects. These skills hit harder and affect more enemies. The cool thing is that it does this by basically turning the supported skill into something akin to Ancestral Warchief.

The following slam skills can be used with the Fist of War support:

  • Ground Slam
  • Tectonic Slam
  • Earthquake
  • Earthshatter (New)
  • Sunder
  • Ice Crash
  • Consecrated Path
  • Perforate
  • Leap Slam
  • Doryani’s Touch (from the Doryani’s Fist unique item)


Earthshatter is a new level 12 Slam attack that works like an amped up Sunder. The skill sends out five damaging fissures in all directions when triggered. When each fissure terminates, they stick around for a short time, with spikes protruding from the area. These spikes can explode when combined with a Slam or Warcry in their local area. And yes, you can buff the explosion range of the spikes as well as the base damage of the slam.

Earthshatter works best when combined with a Warcry that either weakens enemies or buffs damage. By alternating the Warcry and the main skill, you trigger tons of those spike explosions. The skill combo is also highly mobile when combined with something like Leap Slam.

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Tectonic Slam

The rework of Tectonic Slam has a new visual effect, although it is losing the Charged Slams effect. It now consumes Endurance Charges to get more Area of Effect and additional secondary damage “cracks”. This Endurance consuming happens every three slams.

Any enchantments that would generate Charged Slams will now generate more cracks off the secondary skill effect.


Perforate is getting a big change. The skill now adds flat physical damage and some more consistent secondary damage. The players running this support skill will notice a more consistent effect overall. Those wishing to buff the secondary effect should focus on AoE buffs and then increasing the number of spikes generated.

The interaction between Sand Stance and Blood Stance with the newly redone skill are being tweaked. Sand Stance grants more spikes at increasing levels, and even more if you switch Stances. Blood Stance will grant more Area of Effect.


Sunder is one of the often-used, but often-hated, skills in the game. With Path of Exile 3.11 GGG is paying much more attention to it. Sunder will be getting a slower attack speed but more powerful strikes. The resulting waves are more damaging and cover a much wider area, but move much slower. Spamming this attack out will be a lot less appealing. But don’t worry, Multistrike still grants that effective increase in attacks.

The biggest change numerically is that leveling the Sunder gem will scale Area of Effect. The older versions scaled the radius of the Shockwaves.

Earthquake, Ground Slam and Ice Crash

A bunch of buffs to these skills will likely grant more damage and some reworks of the leveling curve.

Other Slam Skills

Many other skills we be reworked to fall into the new category. Any other skills that can be used with Fist of War support for example.

And yes, there is a new trailer for Path of Exile Slam skills. Check that out below.

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