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How to Appear in Magazines in BitLife

How to Complete the Breakout Star Challenge

The new Breakout Star Challenge in BitLife has quite a few steps involved. The process won’t be too easy, but this guide can help you out a lot. One of the more difficult steps for this means you need to spend some time working on your career. The order of events also makes things awkward, as you need to become famous after breaking out of jail a couple of times. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get your fame on. Keep reading to learn more about how to appear in Magazines in BitLife.

There are several ways to be Famous in BitLife, including sports, writing, and other pursuits. You ned to pick a track and stick to it though. The process of becoming famous in BitLife can be a bit of a grind. You do need a bit of luck, but good stats and some persistence will do a lot better. When you’re ready to begin, you must get to work immediately. For the purposes of this challenge, you need to become a famous author in BitLife. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Appear in Magazines in BitLife

First thing, you need to do the other steps of the challenge to be prepared. You will have to live a life of crime, and it won’t be easy. Here are the steps you need to do to finish the Breakout Star Challenge.

Getting out of a max-sec prison won’t be as easy as the other runs. Juvie will be a simple proposition compared to this. Breaking out of prison is a pretty hellish ordeal. Escaping prison in BitLife is not easy. When you get sent there, you have a limited number of options under the prison menu. Under the Activities tab, there is an Escape option. Clicking that will bring up a puzzle maze that you need to reach the exit on without getting caught. Every time you spawn in a new map, the layout is randomized, then you need to make your way to the exit. Each time you move, the guards will also move one spot. Each time they move, you need to plan ahead and move around a circuitous route to get around the guard’s path.

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Here are videos that lay out each path you can use to escape each map and each tier of prison in BitLife:

Once you’re out of prison, it’s time to finish up. You need to get at least through High School and then start looking for jobs. You will need to find the listing for Writer-(Publisher)  and then apply. Hopefully, you made a character with high Smarts and get a bit lucky. if the position doesn’t show up, either age up or restart the app to refresh the job postings.

Once you have the job, it’s time to work. Just keep going into your job menu and working on your next piece of literature or other media. The key to becoming a good writer in this game is pretty simple. After becoming a Writer, use the Work Harder option under the Occupation tab to keep improving your craft. This will increase your notoriety as you work in your career, which will increase the internal Fame meter as you age up. After a few years of this, you will eventually unlock the famous writer track in BitLife.

After becoming a famous author, you will unlock the special Fame menu, and can then choose the Photo Shoot option listed there. That will finish up this part of the challenge and earn you the reward.

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