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The best places to get resources in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Materials Farming

There’s a ton of different materials that can be farmed in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, here’s a breakdown of them all, as well as the best places to farm them. This guide works in tandem with our Drachmae farming guide to allow you to become super wealthy in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

General Tips

Farming for treasure spots in the open-world is a good source of money and crafting materials. Revelation ability is very useful here – it highlights resources and other interactive objects around you. Look for war supplies dotted around each area you go to and you’ll find nice caches of goodies.

Blacksmith inventories can be reset by closing the trade window and leaving the area. This is useful for buying large quantities of crafting materials, or when you need a resource they don’t have.

A unique place to obtain large amounts of crafting materials (including those raw materials that are less common in the game) is the Silver Mine, which is located in the Attika region in the central part of the map of the world. Look below to find examples of both the Silver Mine and the war supplies in-game.

Blacksmiths sell tons of different resources, and once you’ve gotten your gold farming enterprise going, you’ll be able to buy resources in sufficient quantities to skip farming them.

Iron Metal

Very easy to get, dismantle unused equipment, which you should have plenty of if you’re doing forts and other side activities.. look in caves as well for gathering points of these resources. You will get more of it from dismantling gear, so if you’re running Forts, bounties or other side activities, keep an eye out for deposits to loot between breaking down excess loot.

Precious Gems

The Bounties and killing Mercenary groups are a great source of Gems. You should be doing that anyway if you’re farming gold, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Dismantling gear will also give a few of these with higher-end loot, specifically Epic Gear or better. But the amount is much lower than that gained from Bounties, so do those first.

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The same caves and alcoves that contain Iron Metal can also contain these Gems, so be sure to take a very close look around for any nodes you may have missed.

Obsidian Glass

Obsidian Glass is one of the rare materials in the game, and it’s harder to get than anything else in large quantities. Forts and the Unique Chests they often contain are your best bet here. Obsidian Glass can also be received as a reward for completing war contracts and winning Conquest battles. Although the amount is small, so don’t count on getting flush with the stuff this way.

Soft Leather

This resource can be gained easily by hunting wild animals. Small amounts can also be gained when taking down enemy ships, although the quantities are very small. Stick to hunting and keep the ship sinking in your back pocket for other resources. Deer are probably the best animals to kill if you are looking to farm some Soft Leather.

Olive Wood

Taking down enemy ships is great for farming Olive Wood, it also gives small amounts of other crafting materials, so keep sinking those craft to get showered in goods. Dismantling gear is your second-best goto source for this stuff. There are a handful of locations that have small chances of looting Wood in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as well.

  • Small bushes and trees give a bit of Wood
  • Loot war supplies for a small amount of Wood
  • Chance when looting Arrow Racks, Containers, Chests to get Wood

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