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Where to find blueprints in EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes
  • Learn everything about Blueprints, Reverse Engineering and Anomalies.

Just like in EVE Online, you’re going to see a very complex industry gameplay loop in EVE Echoes. There’s tons of mining and Ore to find for starters, but it gets more complex beyond that. You can make plenty of ISK through mining, but if you want to get into manufacturing, you’re going to need blueprints in EVE Echoes.

These items allow you to use industry services at stations to create new items using minerals and other components, they are part of the lifeblood of the game, as you need to constantly replace lost ships and gear. Having a steady supply of high-quality blueprints is also a great moneyspinner by just selling them to other players.

That does leave one very important question though. Where do you get blueprints in EVE Echoes?

Buy on the Market

Just like BPOs in EVE Online, you can buy basic blueprints directly from the in-game market. Just start by going to tap on “Menu”, go to the “Market”, and scroll down until you find “Ship Drawings and Hardware Drawings”. The Drawings are the same thing as blueprints in EVE Echoes.

Right now, the best places to buy things in the game are the systems of Jita, Amarr, 5ZXX-K, and Matar. Head to these areas and see what you can find. Keep in mind that LowSec and NullSec areas will be much more dangerous, so be prepared for a fight heading to places like 5ZXX-K.

Anything you buy will be listed under “Personal Assets”. This is where you find the Blueprints you buy and all you’ll have to do is tap on it, then select “Use Blueprint”.

Farming Anomalies

Anomalies also spawn in EVE Echoes, and they have some very juicy rewards. Anomalies are random events that will appear randomly in any system. You will find these listed in the “Signal” menu. Keeping an eye out for these while you’re playing is great, as they are some of the best ISK sources in the game right now. But there’s one, in particular, that’s incredible for blueprints in EVE Echoes.

Here’s how to filter for Anomalies:

  1. Tap the eye icon on the right side of the screen
  2. Open the list of all anomalies in the area
  3. Use the filter button above
  4. Select “Cosmic Anomalies

Inquisitor Anomaly Spawns

These are the best Spawns in the game, bar none, for farming Blueprints.

When you look at the UI on the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the listing for the Anomalies you have found. For example, you may notice Angel Cartel Base or Angel Cartel Base². The superscript number after the base name denotes the level of the Anomaly.

Your goal is to not actually attack the base but to hit any Anomalies that are the same level as the base. So using the above example, you would be looking for any spawns of Angel Small/Medium/Large Anomaly² in the same system. Eventually, after clearing a few of the Anomalies, an Inquisitor Anomaly should spawn. The resulting spawn, in the above case, would be Angel Inquisitor Anomaly².

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It’s vital that you DO NOT KILL THE BASE. As you do more Anomalies in the system, more complex and high-level Bases will spawn.

it’s tedious to do but very worth it. Lower-level anomalies will be very simple with better skills. Cruiser-class ships should be able to handle levels around 3-5 pretty easily. And just for the insight, you will want to have 500 DPS as a baseline for this level of Anomalies.

Going into the Inquisitor Anomaly will reveal several Warp Gates. Go to each stage and kill the NPC spawns, and then move through successive Gates. Continuously push through the waves until you get to the final room (No More Warp Gates) and when you clear the NPCs, loot the Angel Debris for your reward.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a less PvE oriented task, as it involves using Science skills to create BPs from items. Ship Blueprints are often derived from this process, and are vital for the game. To actually engage with Reverse Engineering, you need Datacores for each of the different item types. Datacores appear to only spawn from a special type of Anomalies called Scout Anomalies. Scout anomalies are usually found in high-security space; levels 0.5 to 1.0. These are actually tougher as the NPCs use better weaponry, so bring out the big guns here.

EVE Echoes Datacores

If you’re not interested in doing anything with them, sell them in a market hub for quick ISK. But if you do want to do something with these Datacores, you’re going to need a lot of them. So any that you find, hang onto them. You will also get various kinds of loot from ratting and Anomalies, like Starship debris. These bits of salvage are reprocessed in the same way as Ore to create components for Ship Rigs.

But if you want to do Reverse Engineering, DO NOT REPROCESS HULLS AND WEAPON DEBRIS. You will need to get into a station and click on the “Industry” button. The UI will load with Manufacture on the left side, and Reverse Engineering on the right. Now select a BP from the resulting UI to get started.

When you click a BP, the next window will show what level of Starship Debris you need, as well as what Datacores you need, and in what quantities for it all. Once you have the required components, the game will give you the option to attempt to research the blueprint. There’s not always a 100% chance to get a successful run, so be mindful of that.

The chance of getting better results from Reverse Engineering are the Invention Skills listed under Applied Science in the Skills tab. Research those to unlock more options and improve your success chances.

EVE Echoes Reverse Engineer

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