How to have a cello skill of 100% in BitLife

BitLife – How to complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge

There’s another week gone in the game of life, and that means the weekend is finally here. The weekend means that video games are being fired up across the globe, and gamers are trying to get their in-game goals done before trudging off back to work or school on Monday. And that is the ideal time for developers like CandyWriter to launch various events in their games to get people playing. This week, you have a few days to complete the newest challenge, the Woeful Wednesday challenge. This one takes after the popular spin-off staring Jenna Ortega, Wednesday, and you get to try and recreate aspect of her spooky life in the game. One of the initial objectives of the BitLife Woeful Wednesday challenge is to have your cello playing skill at 100%. Here are the steps you need to do to get this done.

How to increase your  cello skill in BitLife

The idea is pretty simple, you just need to learn how to play. To set up the other parts of the challenge, having a high Smarts stat when you create your character is a good, but not entirely necessary, step. Once you’ve made your character, it’s time to practice. Get to grade school, then you will unlock the option to take music lessons. Your cello skill in BitLife can be increased much in the same way that any other skill can be, through repetition.

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Open up the Activities menu, then go to the Mind &  Body section under the Activities tab. Inside that menu, click the Instruments option and press the cello button to start playing. Your parents will take the initiative and pay for your lessons at first. But once you move out on your own, you will need to pay the $3,000 or so for each lesson. Each time you do a lesson, you gain a small amount of skill on your cello skill. Be sure to have a good job, which is great because the step of becoming a mortician pays pretty well. If you’re in-between jobs, you may look into getting high-paying part-time jobs like Tour Guide or Personal Trainer.

Once you’ve gotten to 100% skill in an instrument, be sure to keep playing it. If you plan to become a famous musician in BitLife, you will need to keep those skills sharp. Keep composing music and building your fame, eventually you will get famous and unlock the full Fame system in-game.

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