How to Tame a fox in Minecraft (2022)

What do Glow Berries in Minecraft do?

There are many different beasts and mobs that you can tame in this game. Some are cuter than others, and some are pretty adorably vicious.  In the early days of the game, it was much simpler than it is now, simply because there are so many options this time to pick from. The fox is a newer addition, and is a bit harder to work with compared to the wolf, who has been in the game for years by now.

This Minecraft taming guide will detail the process of domesticating wild foxes for making them a pet. Very similar to wolves, you need to give them the right food and treat them well. Keep reading to learn what you need to do.

How to Tame a fox in Minecraft

The process isn’t too hard, but it does take time to prepare. You need a lead or two, as well as the right kind of food. Leads are used to move baby foxes around. sweet berries or glow berries are the food you need.

You need to find a group of foxes first. Just like all other animals in the game, they spawn in certain biomes. They can wander a bit, but are most reliably found within certain zone types. A complete list of all the Biomes Foxes can spawn in can be found below.

  • Grove
  • Old Growth Pine Taiga
  • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Taiga

If you don’t mind cheating, commands can help you.  /locatebiome will give you the coordinates to the closest biome of the type you specify. Enter /locatebiome minecraft:taiga to hunt down the nearest Taiga biome, for example.

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Once you’ve found one, bait it back to your base by holding it’s favorite food. That means you need a ready supply of sweet berries or glow berries. They might follow you if you hold this item in your active hand. You can’t fully tame a fox in Minecraft by feeding it though, this takes a bit more work.

Then, you need to get the right kind of food. To tame a fox you’ll need to feed it either sweet berries or glow berries. Glow Berries can be found within certain trees, check out our guide on Glow berries for that information. Grab as many as you can find, as they will be important later for when you have more than one fox. That’s because just like other animals in the game, you can breed foxes by feeding a pair of them the right amount of food. Once you have a pair of foxes, feed each one, and hearts will spawn above their head. From there, they will birth a baby fox.

Tether the baby fox with a lead and carry it back to your base. Pen it in and keep feeding it. Once the baby reaches adulthood, it’ll fully trust you. Once that happens, it will also enter into combat with you if you’re attacked by certain mobs. Be careful though, it’s not very tanky and won’t survive very much damage.

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