Where to find Mountain Meadows in Minecraft

How to Find Groves, Meadows, and Snowy Slopes in Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft 1.17 added a bunch of new biomes, animals and more to the game. With the debut of the Caves & Cliffs Minecraft 1.17 update, the game has gotten a lot more focus on underground variety. Players will find all manner of new caves. littered with new lichen and other plants. And now with the launch of Minecraft 1.18, there’s even more to find. The worlds of the adventure game have a ton of new underground biomes.

There are many new cave types being added to your Minecraft worlds have a lot more variety. There are so many more reasons to explore both above and below ground. Along with all of that, there are new overland biomes and features as well. Caves & Cliffs Part 2 added so much to this game. The features include some new features like mountainous regions being more varied. Minecraft‘s mountain areas were interesting before, but now they’re starting to get bizarre in a good way.

The update added six mountain sub-biomes and two brand-new cave biomes. One of them was a Mountain Meadows Biome. Others include the Snowy Slopes, as well as the Mountain Groves.

Where to find Mountain Meadows in Minecraft

Meadows are large, flowery, grassy areas that generate at higher altitudes. They will often spawn in the gaps between mountains and plains. They add a natural flow to the landscape, showing a more organic progression to the altitude of a Minecraft world.

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The biggest marker that you found some Mountain Meadows in Minecraft is the flowers. Bees in the game seem to love these areas, and will pollinate all over the place. These biomes are some of the best places to find lilies, tulips and more beautiful flowers. The one thing that you won’t find all that many of is Trees in Moutain Meadows—and most are either Birch or Oak.

These special sub-biomes can have villages in them as well, in fact, they’re the only mountainous area in the game that can have them naturally.

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