How to donate blood in BitLife

How to donate blood in BitLife

That’s another week of life down the drain, and that means it’s time to relax and get your gaming on. For this new week, there’s another BitLife challenge as well. The developers sure love to throw curve balls at the player base with this game. Weekly challenges often involve weird tasks and require quite a bit of game knowledge to get done. That’s where these guides come in, and where we are going to help you out. One of the core tasks for the Change of Heart challenge is to donate blood in BitLife.

How to donate blood in BitLife

The blood donation systems in Bitlife are pretty new, but are very simple to understand. It’s one of many different activities you can undertake in the game, with its own benefits attached as well.

In addition to being paid for your plasma, you get several other benefits from doing so:

  • Less risk of getting blood-borne pathogens
  • Less overall risk from various diseases like blood pressure
  • Increase of Looks Stat
  • Increase of Fame
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Here’s what to do to get the task done:

  • Open up the Activities tab
  • Choose the Doctor option on this screen
  • From here, you can choose to Donate Blood or Donate Plasma.
  • Donating Blood and Plasma will then prompt you to tell the clinic about any diseases you may have. Be honest if you want to get paid.

Donating Plasma will also grant you a small cash payment, whereas blood donation does not. You can then choose to keep the cash or to donate it. Now that it’s done, you can move on to other steps of this week’s challenge. Remember, you can only donate blood in BitLife up to two times per year, so choose wisely when you wish to do this task.


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