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How to farm Purified Heciphron in Warframe

How to get the Botanist Mod in Warframe

Purified Heciphron in Warframe is one of the newer resources added for the Heart of Deimos expansion. Digital Extremes added the item as a core component in various builds. Purified Heciphron is a resource used to craft weapons and Necramech parts. Each build crafts 10 Purified Heciphron. It can be used to make various parts for the Sepulcrum, as well as other weapons in the game.

The item is very easy to build, much more so than Tempered Bapholite. Unlike that item, you don’t need items from each of the open world areas for this one.

What do I need to build Purified Heciphron in Warframe?

For starters, you need the Blueprint. You need to get to the rank of Stranger, and you can buy it from Otak’s Gem Store at Necralisk, Deimos. The price is 2,000 Standing. From there you need the following resources:

  • 1,000 Credits
  • 10 Heciphron

You can get Heciphron from the blue mineral veins on the Cambion Drift on Deimos.

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Take these items to the foundry and get building. You could skip the build with Platinum, but that would be a huge waste of the Platinum since it only takes a few minutes for a run to complete.

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