How to install mods in V Rising

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V Rising was quite the smash-hit when it dropped onto Steam last year. The adventure of being a vampire lord was pretty enticing in the dark and gloomy setting of the video game, and fans flocked to check it out. The game more recently got a fresh injection of lifeblood with the Gloomrot update, adding new zones, bosses and items to the already expansive adventure title.

There’s still a ton of content on the dark horizon for the game, and players are always after more things to hunt in the dead of night. One sorely missed feature is finally in the game and being actively worked on by the community. After much demand from the community, the developers Stunlock Studios have added the ability to install and play mods for its title V Rising. This means server admins can do things like custom spawns of bosses, adding new features for inventory management, and more. The mods in V Rising come in two flavors: server-based mods which require you to hose them on a dedicated game, and single-player mods.

This guide will cover how to handle the installation of mods of various kinds on your single-player world. Keep reading to learn how to install mods in V Rising.

How to install mods in V Rising

You first need to setup your game to accept and use modded files. You need two mods to run modded files in a single-player game. You must have the BepInEx pack and the Server Launch Fix for the single-player server to use mod plugins.

Download the BepInExPack framework and follow the given steps.

  • The downloaded framework should be in .zip format. Extract it using something like 7Zip or Windows’ built-in file utility.
  • Jump to the V Rising installation location on your system. You can find the location by right-clicking the title on the Steam game list and choosing the Manage option. Select Browse Local Files and that will take you to your install location for V Rising.
  • Paste all the extracted files of the BepInEx archive in the main folder of V Rising. Steam Location\steamapps\common\VRising.

Now, you just need to install mods, follow the directions below.

  • Now, you should have a set of folders, there’s one in particular you need to pay attention to. You will now see BepInEx_Server and BepInEx folders in your main game install folder.
  • Inside the BepinEx folder, you will find a plugins folder (\Steam\steamapps\common\VRising\BepInEx\plugins). All of your modded plugin files will need to be placed there.
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How to install mods in V Rising

You will want to take the ServerLaunchFix.dll file and place it inside that plugins folder. Do the same with any other modded DLLs. If you’re using something like the Community Commands mod, just drop the included DLL into the plugins folder and start up your game.

If you want to add mods, a word of warning, try not to change out or disable mods mid-playthrough. Save files can very easily get corrupted if you start changing mod configs or loaded DLLS.

If you’re a server admin looking to spice up your world in the new expansion, take a look around at the game’s settings and see what you can find before you dive into mods. You might want to know how to speed up servant hunts, you can actually do a lot without worrying about mods in this game, they just add new functionality.

Where to get mods for V Rising?

A few websites provide downloadable mods for V Rising at the moment. The V Rising Thunder Store is recommended since it is the most popular. The Nexus Mods site also has some mods, but a lot of mod authors don’t regularly publish their new content onto that platform. Once you know what mods you want to run, just install the BepInEx

Be careful though, as the game is still very much in active development. Mods can often depend on the version of the game, and they may not always be updated for the most recent release. If a patch just dropped for V Rising, maybe wait on installing mods until everything has updated.

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