How to make the Butcher Knife in Valheim


The new Hearth and Home update just landed, and has added a bunch of new stuff to Valheim. You can use the new gear, armor and weapons to take on vicious new bosses. And of course, there’s tons of new stuff to make. The Butcher Knife in Valheim is one of many important tools you will use. This item can be helpful for both crafting and combat, although it’s better at the former.

How to make the Butcher Knife in Valheim

The Butcher Knife is a unique and brand-new tool that was just recently added with the Hearth and Home update. Since the Butcher Knife in Valheim is meant to slaughter tamed animals, it’s only meant to be used on things like Boar. That’s going to be great if you’re harvesting a ton of leather for other projects.

You will need to have a Level 1 Workbench unlocked to get this recipe. Here are the items you need to make the Butcher Knife:

  • Four Tin
  • Two Wood

Wood is very easy. Just go get some. Take that axe and go cut a tree, or ten. You will need a bunch of wood throughout the course of your adventure, so don’t feel bad about clearcutting a whole bunch of trees for tons of wood. The new knives in this patch can be made with any variety of wood, so go ham.

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Tin ore is a bit more complicated to find. It’s much less common in the game compared to other ores. Tin will often spawn around rivers and it will be less plentiful. But just keep looking and you should be able to find some. The deposits are pretty small, so you need to keep your eyes open. Break ot that pickaxe and gather it when you see the prompt on the ground. Take it back to a smelter and make tin ingots to finish your prep work.

Now that you have all the items you need, get to crafting. Gather those tools and you have yourself a very helpful blade for cooking and other crafting.

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