How to speed up Servant Hunts in V Rising

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V Rising has a new expansion on the hunt, adding dozens of new enemies, items and more to the game. Players will spend their free time living up the vamp life by hunting prey and gathering resources in pursuit of more dark power. And Stunlock Studios knows that all gamers have different schedules, so they included a way to farm for resources while you’re offline. Hunts in V Rising can be ordered from your Throne, once it’s been built of course, then your NPC Servants will go off for a bit and come back with a pile of items and resources. Servant Hunts in V Rising can take an incredibly long time. They’re designed to be run on hosted servers that have nearly 100% uptime, so the timers from 8 to 24 hours tick down even when players are offline.

But because most of us aren’t going to leave our gaming PCs running 24 hours a day, this poses a problem. Players who don’t leave their servers up will not get the clock to tick down.  And as of right now, there’s no server setting at game creation that will affect this timer directly. But thanks to a few methods, we can increase the rewards and lower the timer manually.

How to speed up Servant Hunts in V Rising

So what’s the solution? Easy, you just use console commands. Since you’re running a private server, this is much easier than on a hosted environment. press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to open up the console to begin.

  1. You have to open the console and type “adminauth” command.
  2. Then type “addtime 12” multiple times.
    This command skips 12 hours of ingame time which are equal to 9 minutes of real time and it affects servant’s hunt.

Once you’ve done that, the hunts will finish much faster.

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There is another way around this for solo players, and that’s tinkering with server settings. By reducing Crafting Time, Crafting Cost and other settings, you can massively reduce the burden of gathering. This can be done via adjusting a few settings at game creation. When you choose to start a private world, pick Advanced Game Settings. Use the guide below to figure out what to change.

Adjust each of the settings listed below to increase the amount of loot you get, as well as how fast you can craft, create new minions and more:

  • Loot Multiplier
  • Material Yield Multiplier
  • Servant Hunt Multiplier
  • Crafting Rate
  • Refinement Rate
  • Servant Convert Rate

Then there are settings underneath Crafting & Building you can tweak too. Reduce the settings listed below to less than 1 to reduce the amount of time it takes to grind for and craft items. These settings should be reduced along with increasing the ones listed above.

  • Build Cost Multiplier
  • Crafting Cost Multiplier
  • Refinement Cost Multiplier
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