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Secrets of Gloomrot

V Rising has debuted the new Secrets of Gloomrot expansion, the first major update for the game. This new expansion adds new bosses, enemies and more to the adventure title, but a bunch of new systems have also been thrown in. One of the new systems opens up new ways to customize your build and throw around more dangerous spells. Spells were already a core part of the game, but the new Jewel system is a fun way to alter the system further. Keep reading to learn more about how the V Rising Gloomrot Jewel system works.

V Rising Jewels Explained

The core premise of this system is that you need Jewels for the spells you want to use most often, and equipping them will give that spell a unique bonus. Each jewel has a unique stat roll based on a range. And each color of jewel will affect a given class of skills. Each one has a specific modifier that applies to one skill when equipped. If you’re running a build using certain skills, you will need to find the corresponding jewel color, then try to find one for the skill you like.

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Here’s the color breakdown:

  • Green Jewels – Unholy Magic Skills
  • Red Jewels – Blood Magic Skills
  • Purple Jewels – Chaos Magic Skills
  • Teal Jewels – Illusiion Magic Skills
  • Blue Jewels – Frost Magic Skills
  • Gold Jewels – Storm Magic Skills

See below for a basic example of a T1 Unholy Jewel.

V Rising Gloomrot Jewel Unholy

V Rising Gloomrot Jewel

The higher you go in Tiers, the more abilities appear for each one. The one downside to Jewels is that the abilities rolled on each one are random. So don’t expect to be able to find a specific modifier for a certain skill very easily. Another thing to keep in mind is that the higher the tier, the wider the pool of possible abilities on each variant. There are some mods on Tier 3 Jewels that cannot appear on Tier 1s.

Once you have a jewel, you can socket it by opening up your Spellbook. Navigate to the skill you want to modify and select it, a button that says Edit Socket will appear, click this to open up your list of Jewels for that spell. From here, socket your jewel and go on the hunt.

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot – How to Get Skill Jewels

Skill Jewels in V Rising come in three tiers. The area level you’re in will affect the drops you can get. The most common way to get a Tier 1 V Rising Gloomrot Jewel is those fancy gold chests you find in enemy camps. Bandit Camps and any humanoid boss zone will have a unique gold chest that spawns. Keep in mind that you need to hold the action key to open the chest by picking the lock. This leaves you vulnerable, so clear the enemies first, then loot the chests.

Another less common way to get jewels is random drops. Certain tiers of Jewels can also drop depending on the levels of the enemy. The chances are like this:

  • Tier 1 Jewels – Rare drop from level 20+ Humanoid Enemies
  • Tier 2 Jewels – Rare drop from level 40+ Humanoid Enemies
  • Tier 3 Jewels – Very rare drop from level 60+ Humanoid Enemies

Crafting is another option, but much later in the game. Skill Jewel crafting comes much later in the game. To unlock this V Rising feature, players need to beat Raziel the Shepherd, a level 57 V Blood boss inside the Dunley Monastery. The trouble with actually getting this far is that the monastery is a holy site. You will very quickly be burned to a crisp by Holy light if you’re coming in unprepared. Craft Holy Resistance Potions aplenty before taking on Raziel. The recipe for these can be obtained by beating Grethel the Glass Blower. The other option is to simply purchase Holy Resistance Potions or Empty Bottles from Traders around the map. Those Coins you find as chest loot will be handy here.

Unlocking V Rising Jewel Crafting

Once Raziel is beaten, he’ll give players the recipe for the Jewelcrafting Station along with recipes for Tier 2 Skill Jewels. The Tier 3 unlock is behind another V Blood boss: Mairwyn the Elementalist, a level 70. To craft these jewels, you need to get your hands on the various Gems that can be found in Stone nodes and as chest loot from NPC bases. These Greater Jewels are much more powerful in terms of effects, so you really want to get them ASAP. Crafting them will be your best bet.

How to craft a V Rising Gloomrot Jewel

The basic idea is that you use the lower-tier jewels to make the more potent ones. The basic recipe is four of any Tier 1 Jewel of the spell you’re after as well as four Iron Ingot. So if you want a Tier 2 Ball Lightning Jewel, you need four T1 Jewels that modify that same spell. These requirements are pretty intense for new players. But trust us, you’ll be drowning in Gems and Jewels later in the game.

Tier 3 Jewels in V Rising are a bit different. You still need a certain metal, but the requirement switches to high-level Gems. For Tier 3 Jewels, you need 4x Dark Silver Ingots and Four Flawless Gems of the corresponding color. So that Ball Lightning Jewel would need 4x Flawless Topaz. If you get confused about the items you need, just check the Jewelcrafting table for a full list of all the Jewels and their requirements.

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