EVE – The Second Decade Collector’s Edition, currently selling for $50 and PLEX 15% off!


Here is a nice “Black Friday-ish” deal for you all EVE Online aficionados, the EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition is retailing on Amazon for just $50, which is nearly $100 off!

The EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition package which contain a amazing illustrated book called “Into the Second Decade” which is well worth the price tag alone, a “Minmatar Rifter” combat frigate 4-port USB hub to lighten up those bloomy Mondays at the office, also an EVE Symphony sound-track CD and many others goodies (including a rare board game which features CCP Guardian on the cover, WTF!)

[ Buy the EVE Second Decade Collector’s Edition from Amazon ]

Here is a more detailed take on what’s included on the package:

Attention Gamers! PLEX is 15% off!

That’s right, CCP Games is also discounting the price of PLEX a 10% off. Right now, PLEX is trading at 880mil in Jita, since it price might come down in the coming months, right now is a good opportunity to cash on the inflated price. This couple with the 10% discount CCP Games is giving to it, makes this a nice deal!

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Buy EVE Online PLEX – Now 15% off!

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