is a site that started as a passion project born of my enjoyment of EVE Online. The early days were little more than an EVE blog with minor coverage of a few related games. It steadily grew from a simple one-man operation covering the major events within EVE Online into what you see before you. We now cover a variety of gaming-centric topics while attempting to bring you a fair and interesting view of the landscape of the gaming industry.

We want to build lasting connections not only within the communities of the games we play, but outside the gaming world as well.

While EVE continues to be our primary focus, we admire many other aspects of the gaming industry, and as there is a lot of crossover from New Eden into other communities, we strive to cover other great games as well. Our shared passion for Tabletop RPGs, strategy games, and other MMORPGs will also manifest from time to time on ISKMogul in addition to our main coverage.

Anyone who is venturing into the complexities of the gaming sphere for the first time might feel intimidated. The complex commentary and insight needed to understand the communities and sentiment of games like EVE is not for the faint of heart. But here at ISKMogul we’re trying to change that in our own little way. While at the same time not alienating the core audience from these communities.

We’re trying to expose as many people as possible to the wonderful hobby that is gaming. Won’t you join us?

We cannot be the next mega-site for gaming news, nor would we want to be. The goal of ISKMogul is to bring a personal touch to coverage of EVE and other gaming properties. With the hope that some of our coverage will allow players to discover new games and groups that they will enjoy spending time with. We hope that you will stick with us on this journey through the highs and lows of gaming.


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