This Code of Ethics represents our commitment to our staff and our readers that we’ll make every possible effort to create a safe and enjoyable environment here at ISKMogul Adventures.

As such, the Code below will stand as a public statement to readers, staff and potential staff that we’ll make every possible effort to fulfill these principles and commitments.

We vow to continually strive to create an inclusive environment for staff and readers alike. This means that we’ll make every effort to counter racism, sexism, homphobia and other bigotry throughout our community and in our work environment. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy gaming, and be able do so without fear of reprisal or discrimination.

We vow to respect intellectual property rights and to give credit where it is due.

We vow to never misrepresent the things we report, and to make every effort to correct any errors or oversights.

We vow to allow our platform to operate as a place of free expression, with respect to our other principles.

We vow to always disclose any and all material connections or other potential conflicts of interest where they are relevant.

We vow to always include our readers in the decision-making process. Without you, this site would be nothing. Your feedback is vital to us. And by spending time with us, you’re putting faith in our coverage, we want to keep that faith on good terms.

We recognize that our staff are vital to our success, as such we are committing to excellence and fairness in all aspects of the workplace environment, with a focus on these areas in particular:

1. Workplace safety, including physical and mental safety and comfort, is a basic right for every staff member;
2. For the integrity of ourselves as professionals and as a professional organization, we will be aware of and adhere to all local laws in the region in which we operate, unless there is an overwhelming ethical conflict in so doing;
3. Fair treatment of all staff at all times, we make a commitment to practice an open door policy in regards to feedback from our staff;
4.We will commit to supporting our staff in whatever way we can. Be it offering support and comfort in a time of need, or just a friendly environment. Whatever we can do to help make the lives of our staff easier, we’ll do it.

If you’d like to submit feedback or criticism, head over to our Contact page to find out how.