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How to level a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV (2022)

Best Methods to Level a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV

What is a Free Company you ask? It’s simple, it’s like a guild in any other MMO. With a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV, you go on various quests and collect some special rewards as a group. There is also the badge of honor that comes with the prestige of being a member of an effective high-rank guild. Each rank within a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV unlocks new Company Actions, Quests, and other goodies, so there’s a pretty good incentive for ranking up your FC. Maybe you’re trying to buy that new house and need to gain some more ranks, whatever your reason, here are the best methods for gaining FC ranks.

Patch 5.2 introduced ranks 9 through 30, which opened up more of the potential for these player groups. Higher-rank FCs can undertake more complex actions and quests as they grow in number and power. The Free Company will go on Extreme Trials, undertake FATE quests and plenty of other content as a group, lucky for us that doing anything with your FC group makes leveling easier.

There are plenty of ways to farm seals to earn the levels needed to rank up your FC, and don’t let anyone tell you how to have fun, this is your game. That said there is a way to speed up the leveling process, and it’s mostly by playing efficiently. The core process for leveling your Company revolves around collection Company Seals and turning them in for ranking points.

Best Methods to Level a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV

Crafting and Farming

Gear turn-ins are another great way to help earn ranks within your FC. Expert Delivery is a great way for FC crafters to contribute to the level of a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV.

The crafted sets aside from Expert Delivery can only be turned in once per day, but every little bit helps. The Expert Deliveries will also accept any volume of rare drops, so that’s green and blue items in many cases. You must have reached Sergeant Second Class in your grand company to take part in these turn-ins.

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There is some potential meta-gaming to be done here as well. Pay attention to the patch notes for nerfed rare items or items that become more common. As the supply of these items exceeds demand, you might be able to snag some cheap trades for Company Seals by snapping them up. Everything from crafting mats to rare gear drops can be gamed if you get lucky.

Supply & Provisioning Missions

The special Supply & Provisioning Missions provided as a part of the Grand Company that your FC is a part of. These quests refresh each day, and offer a decent path for both leveling jobs and gaining Company Seals.

These missions earn FC points that can be spent on various upgrades. You can get daily events that give you bonuses to crafting and gathering progressions too. This is great for new and old players alike. So keep out there and completing these missions for those bonuses.

Expert Deliveries

These specialized missions for Grand Companies offer another tier of missions above Supply & Provisioning Missions. These offer targeted item farming a great way to convert trash into treasure. Players can turn in dungeon drops and crafted green items for these specialized quests. Check the Expert Delivery tab in the Grand Company menu to get the current list. If you’ve been holding on to old items, this is a great way to boost your income and FC points.

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