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Roblox Texting Simulator Codes (September 2021)

Roblox Texting Simulator Codes

Roblox Texting Simulator is a pretty unique game on this platform. All you have to do is send texts, a lot of them. The game is all about that simple concept. Various computers, phones, and tablets can be used for this purpose. And as you upgrade your gear, you can fire off more texts. Bitoneum, Diamonds, and Money can be earned and spent on various upgrades, and you can also get some via the promo codes. Here are the codes that are valid for the game right now. You can also find out how to redeem those codes.

These codes are different from normal Roblox promo codes, so you will need to pay attention to how you redeem them. Each game may have its own process for redemption, which you need to follow. Check down below for the process to claim your codes. You should also check back at our massive list of Roblox Game Codes for more awesome codes for other titles.

The codes have been tested with the most recent version of the game, but sometimes we mess up. If a code doesn’t work, let us know in the comments. We will remove any invalid codes and place them in the proper list. You need to enter codes correctly, often as they appear below, in order to claim the prize. And no, you can’t claim codes more than once.

Roblox Texting Simulator Codes (Valid)

These Roblox Texting Simulator codes are active and can be used for their rewards:

  • 100 Diamonds, 1,000 Money, 85 Bitoneum Code: APRILSURPRISE
  • 500 Diamonds Code: FREEEGG
  • 1,000 Money Code: ephonepro
  • 1,000 Money Code: Spookytime
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: HACKER
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: beatsheadphones
  • 100 Diamonds, 1,000 Money, 100 Bitoneum Code: 100K
  • 1,000 Money Code: gamingstation
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: rainbowpods
  • 1,000 Money Code: GrinningEmoji
  • 1,000 Money Code: TextingLord
  • 1,000 Money Code: Emoji
  • 1,000 Money Code: SoreThumbs
  • 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code: Wireless
  • 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code: Air
  • 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code: pods
  • 1,000 Money Code: Texter
  • 1,000 Money Code: SpecialSurprise
  • 25 Diamonds, 250 Money, 5 Bitoneum Code: GamePage
  • 10 Diamonds, 1,000 Money Code: RickyTheFishy
  • 50 Diamonds, 2,500 Money Code: LovelyHearts
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Roblox Texting Simulator Codes (Invalid)

These Roblox Texting Simulator codes have expired and will no longer grant rewards:

  • 1,000 Money, 100 Diamonds, 100 Bitoneum Code: ANTIMATTER

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming your codes in Texting Simulator is very easy. You just need to begin by opening up the game. There’s a button on one side of the menu that has a small heart inside it. Click that to bring up the codes window. Look for the box on that window that says “Type your code here” and put valid codes there.

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