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Project Resistance revealed, is Capcom’s take on EVOLVE formula

Capcom Teases Project Resistance

So it looks like we were very wrong when we speculated about Capcom’s newest project, Project Resistance. It’s still an entry into the iconic Resident Evil franchise, but it offers much more than first thought. Sadly, it’s not a Resident Evil 3 remake, sorry to say. As revealed during the Tokyo Game Show this week, the Japanese developer is sticking with the ominous sounding Project Resistance as a title. But before we dive too deep, let’s set the stage.

Earlier this week, Capcom teased the new game with a short teaser, which can be found below. That teaser shows the iconic Mr. X in action against a troupe of ragtag group fighting back against the T-virus hordes. But it appears that the deadly mutant Mr. X is just the beginning of the challenges players will face in this game. The newest trailer definitely evoked feelings of Left4Dead and other similar titles, but it looks like Capcom has slightly different plans for the project, based on the news we just got from TGS 2019.

With a new trailer for Project Resistance, Capcom has revealed that the new game is in fact a 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer title built on the ashes of games like Evolve. Let’s just hope Capcom can avoid the pitfalls of that particular title and actually make some engaging content that’s fun for more than 10 minutes.

The matches themselves not only have a strict time limit, but a ton of traps and deadly creations that the killer can use to hunt down his targets. The four players working together must keep their wits about them if they hope to survive, because they’re being hunted by some mysterious and ruthless killer who for some reason wants them dead. Whether this just some sicko who watched too many Saw films, or is tied into the greater dealing with Umbrella and bio-weaponry in the Resident Evil lore is unknown. We do know that said killer will have their own stable of deadly traps, automated defenses, and T/G virus-infected freaks to unleash on the other team.

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The core mechanic for the killer revolves around a series of trait, environmental and enemy cards that can be played at any time. These cards can alter the environment of maps, introducing new hazardous effects, but also summon legendary enemies to hound the players. And it seems like Mr. X is one of them. It makes sense that Capcom will introduce more of these cards, alongside new maps and other content, as the game ages so be on the lookout for that.

Check out the TGS trailer for the new game down below. Meet all four of the survivors and peep their special abilities. Making use of Capcom’s RE Engine (which powered the stellar Resident Evil 7 and 2), will also allow the project to shine in terms of graphical fidelity and to show off some serious gore. And as a hallmark for the franchise, fans hope to see plenty of that.

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