How to complete the Lex Luther Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Lex Luther Challenge in BitLife

When you do things in BitLife, there are always consequences. But it would seem that super villains don’t feel them the same way. With the new weekly challenge this week, the Lex Luther Challenge in BitLife, that’s the case. The player takes on the role of iconic Superman villain by becoming a wealthy tycoon with a criminal streak and a brilliant mind. Players have to embody the evil CEO and truly become the evil mastermind some have always wanted to be.

How to complete the Lex Luther Challenge in BitLife

Here are each of the steps you must complete for this challenge. The new challenge is a bit more complex than usual. The company has also previously done the Dark Knight Challenge in a similar vein. Anyway, back to this week’s goals.

  • Have an enemy named Clark Kent
  • Become a CEO
  • Have 100% Smarts
  • Escape from Prison
  • Build a net worth of $10 Million dollars

Having 100% Smarts is just a matter of reading a lot and keeping up with it. As you age, you unlock the ability to both read books and visit the Library. These can be found in Mind & Body tab under the Activities menu. Keep doing this each year and you should be able to maintain this mark. If you want to put the time into getting the high stats from the start, this can make the whole process faster. You need to work through education and college during your teen years, so focus on getting into University before you move on.

You will want to become a CEO first, as it’s the easiest part to do when you’re young. Next, once you’ve graduated to College and Grad School, you want to choose to earn a Business Degree. This will unlock the Corporate job under Occupation. After getting through that hurdle, just apply for the entry position under Careers listed as Corporate. Keep working and putting in extra effort via the job menu and you will get promoted. Eventually, when you become the Assistant Vice President of the company. Once that happens, you’re one step away from a CEO.

Now you need to focus on making that archnemesis. The first thing you need to do is to make your rival. If you have the paid God Mode addon, you can simply rename a character. Making an enemy is simple. The best option here is to make another character in the game and have them get married. When the new character is born, change their name to Clark Kent. You could also use the God mode option if you’ve paid for that. That’s the quickest way to do it, but the renaming method is best for those who do not have this paid feature. You can just rename your own son to Clark Kent, as that’s the fastest way to get someone with that name.

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Once the child is born and has grown up, you can anger them and make them your enemy. Click the Relationships menu to see your child and you want to click on them again to mess with them, Insult them, prank them, whatever you have to do. Once you’ve made them an enemy, it’s time to move on.

This would be the ideal time to build up your net worth as well. Buying expensive houses is a good bet here. These can appreciate over time, making it very easy to hit that $10 million mark.

Breaking out of prison in BitLife is pretty simple. When you get convicted of a serious crime, you get sent to prison. You must then attempt and succeed at the break out mini-game via the Prison menu. The idea of the mini-game is to race and beat the guard to the Exit. When you load into the prison escape mini-game, you have one goal. Your goal is to reach the Exit sign and not be caught by the guard. Whenever you move, the guard moves. Keep an eye out for his pattern, every guard seems to have one. It’s sometimes hard to predict, but just keep trying. Be careful though, if you get caught too many times, it gets much harder the next time.

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