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FFXII The Zodiac Age updated to add console features, removes Denuvo on Steam

Final Fantasy XII

FFXII The Zodiac Age has been around for many years. The classic PS2 release isn’t as hugely influential as Final Fantasy X, but it still has plenty of play with the fans of the individual game and the wider genre. And with a new patch to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions, players will find a few new things to enjoy.

Final Fantasy XII has many new gameplay systems added by the new console and PC releases, as well as a variety of improvements to existing systems. The new re-releases added the ability to speed up combat and grinding, making the slog of leveling much easier to deal with. And now, the new patch has implemented more changes. One major area of improvement is that the Gambit Sets system from the original game has been expanded. The Gambit system has three new configurations, allowing for multiple party setups to be used by the player.

There is now a full Job reset function in the game as well, as of the 1.0.40 patch to FFXII The Zodiac Age. This will allow players to reset level progress and redo certain gear and skill choices based on a new build, allowing for more variety in party composition.

Players on the PC will benefit from a few other changes as well. PC gamers can now reset their license activations on each platform, allowing a bit better policy for controlling the number of installs a user can make from each license of the game. This also comes in with a rather welcome change, the complete removal of the maligned Denuvo DRM solution by Square Enix.

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It’s a pretty common practice for publishers to pull Denuvo or other DRM solutions from their games a while after launch, although seeing it take this long is a bit unorthodox. Still, with the terrible reputation Denuvo has in the PC gaming scene, it’s a welcome change even now.

Final Fantasy XII was released for all modern platforms and PC stating in 2017 as a fully redone release that brought various improvements to the classic JRPG. It’s not a full remaster with fully reworked graphics, but it’s a good time to play it if you missed it back during its stint on the PS2.

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