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Did Capcom just reveal Resident Evil 3 remake?

Capcom Teases Project Resistance

Capcom recently confirmed the existence of a brand new Resident Evil game called Project Resistance, but it’s all very mysterious, and has fueled a lot of speculation. This speculations is centered around one thing, whether what we’ve just been shown is in fact the first teaser for a full Resident Evil 3 remake.

The teaser is just a set of images showing some unknown characters, although the fact that it’s clearly done in the current iteration of the RE Engine lends credence to the idea.

It seems fairly likely that Capcom would eventually push out a  remake for the classic Resident Evil 3, as the story of Jill Valentine is incredible and fun to play, it’s important to temper expectation. Even though the monstrously successful release of Resident Evil 2 would definitely help buoy efforts at another remake, it may be a little too early to pull the trigger on that.

Making the assets, levels, story and all of the other bits so quickly, basically a year since the release of RE2 remake, would require a ton of work. There’s another possibility though. Another explanation floating around the internet is that Project Resistance could actually just be a co-op mode for the unannounced Resident Evil 3 remake.

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And while the revealed footage doesn’t explicitly confirm anything, about the existence of RE3 Remake or anything else, it does still fuel some speculation about what plans Capcom has. The company is clearly pumping some effort into whatever project this is, it just hasn’t been revealed to be anything more than a mysterious teaser yet.

We can expect more news about Project Resistance on September 9th at the Tokyo Games Show, where Capcom has a full reveal planned.

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