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DOOM Eternal Collectors Edition Includes A Wearable Helmet

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DOOM Eternal has been revealed as part of the E3 2019 news cycle from Bethesda. And because of course it does, it has multiple premium editions of the game, including a rather pricey Collector’s Edition which includes a bunch of physical and digital rewards for jumping onto the “I still trust Bethesda” train.

In addition to the game, a steelbook case and a DLC Season Pass, among other things, the special edition bundle includes a fully wearable DOOM Slayer helmet.

If you’re among the more cynical gamers, there’s plenty of reason to both expect and loathe this new announcement. The congaline of screwups around Fallout 76 alone, from leaking customer details on the support website, to falsely advertising a canvas bag in that game’s special edition cast a fairly large shadow over this promised bonus. Heck even the Power Armor helmet bundled with Fallout 76 was criticized for shoddy build quality.

Here’s a full list of everything in the DOOM Eternal Collectors Edition:

  • A Deluxe Edition copy of DOOM Eternal in an exclusive Steelbook case custom designed by graphic designer and illustrator Gabz in collaboration with Mondo. The DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition includes:
  • DOOM Eternal Year One Pass, granting access to two single-player Campaign expansions, set to release within one year of DOOM Eternal’s launch
  • Demonic Slayer Skin
  • Classic Weapons Sound Pack, adding nostalgia-inducing weapon sound effects to your DOOM Eternal arsenal
  • A full-sized, wearable DOOM Slayer Helmet replica
  • A playable cassette tape, plus download codes for lossless digital copies of Mick Gordon’s DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal original soundtracks. The uncompressed music files will make any audiophile’s day, and the analog tape contains something special for id Software fans!
  • DOOM Lore Book with custom artwork by id Software. Learn more about the events past and present that shape the DOOM universe and the Slayer himself.
  • One “The Gift of Argent Power” 11” x 17” Lithograph
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in other DOOM Eternal news, Bethesda is introducing a new multiplayer Battlemode which offers a ton of new game modes in the new FPS, including an “invasions” system.

DOOM Eternal releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, PC on November 22.

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