How to Easily Smuggle Between Sectors in Drug Dealer Simulator

Drug Dealer Simulator

Drug Dealer Simulator is a very fun game where you’re someone in a very dystopian vision of America that’s rife with corruption and racism. The developers did a great job making the walled city you exist in a truly hellish place to live in. And your job within this landscape is to be a pusher, and to make tons of money along the way. You smuggle, mix, and deal various illegal substances, expanding your empire along the way. Each new customer has their wants and you have to manage their expectations and against your reputation as a dealer. There’s also a bunch of different obligations to gangs and other groups you have to deal with.

And the entire time, you must avoid getting arrested by the cops. The early parts of Drug Dealer Simulator are characterized by how much you have to rely on avoiding getting searched by the cops. This is made much harder by the police checkpoints all over the city.

There are several ways to get this done, but some of them are better than others. Here are the fastest ways to smuggle items through police checkpoints in Drug Dealer Simulator.

How to Easily Smuggle Between Sectors in Drug Dealer Simulator

When you need to smuggle items through police checkpoints in Drug Dealer Simulator, there are a bunch of methods to get this done. Now let’s talk about each method.

Sneaking through Checkpoints

The most obvious method is to just walk on through. Smuggling in this way relies on not getting caught when the cops frisk you. If you just run through and don’t stop, the cops will chase and taze you.

If you have the Illusionist skill leveled up, you will be able to sneak through small amounts of illicit substances even if you get searched. You won’t be able to pass through more than 100g or so, but it can help if you need to make a run for the sake of a small sale or two.

The best method, though, is to just stash your backpack loaded down with product, and then pick it up when you’re on the other side.

Go to the Gas Station in Sector A and look along the wall. To the left of the checkpoint in this area, you will see a small gap in the wall. Throw your backpack into the gap like you see it in the image below. You can easily grab it from the other side if you wedge it in there properly.

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Hiding Backpacks in Drug Dealer Simulator

This is the most reliable method for getting into Sector B, although it doesn’t work as well with getting into Sector C, as there’s no reliable method to do this in that zone.

The Tunnels

Police checkpoints in Drug Dealer Simulator are also closed during the night, and you will get arrested for trying to pass through them, but there is a way around it. And this is where the hidden paths into other Sectors come in. The most visible method is the Tunnels, there are a pair of tunnel entrances in Sectors A and B that are connected. They are also instant to travel through, unlike the sewers.

The other problem with this approach is that it’s very pricey. You need to talk to the construction worker next to the tunnel entrance and pay them each time you want to go through. At $100 per trip it’s kind of pricey, but it goes up. As you level up, it will go up to $350 per trip. That means you should save this for times when you want to avoid the checkpoints when moving large amounts of product. If you’re running several kilos south to supply the gangs, this can be worth it.

Here are the locations of the hidden tunnel entrances on the map.

Drug Dealer Simulator North Tunnel Drug Dealer Simulator South Tunnel


You could even parkour your way over the walls if you know just how to jump and dash around. This kind of approach isn’t really feasible for most players though, as it relies on abusing glitches in the level geometry that aren’t very easy to do. Developers will also often patch these kinds of issues to prevent optimizing the fun out of the game.

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