How to buy an agency in GTA Online: The Contract

What’s in The GTA Online Contract Update?

GTA Online: The Contract is going live this week. And as is par for the course, Rockstar has included a bunch of new items to spend in-game money on. The first thing you need to do to undertake the new missions and side activities, is purchasing an agency. Since the new expansion focuses on the music industry, it helps to own a new front to hide all that dirty work you’re doing.

How to buy an agency in GTA Online: The Contract

When you’re ready to buy an agency in GTA Online: The Contract, you need to first get online. Once you have loaded the online section, open up your in-game phone. Head over to the Dynasty8 Executive site for real estate. There are four options to choose from when you want to buy an agency in GTA Online: The Contract. The prices can be found below.

  • Little Seoul: $2,010,000
  • Vespucci Canals: $2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills: $2,415,000
  • Hawick: $2,830,000

Aside from the property itself there are a few upgrades you can buy too. You can choose from a few options, both cosmetic and gameplay-altering. You don’t need to buy anything else to pursue the new story content. But if you plan to stick around, it helps to know what your options are.

  • Art — $340,000 (Cosmetic)
  • Wallpapers — $442,500 (Cosmetic)
  • Highlights — $100,000 (Cosmetic)
  • Accomodations — $275,000 (Adds spawn point, clothing swap, and arcade game)
  • Armory — $720,000 (Adds Weapon Storage)
  • Vehicle Workshop — $800,000 (Adds 20 car garage, free SUV, unlocks new car upgrades)
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You can pick and choose which options to buy from those above.

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