We here at ISKMogul pride ourselves on our efforts to create and sustain a friendly and welcoming community around our shared hobbies. To that end, we’ve outlined some general guidelines on a few things when it comes to interacting with our readers, writers or other staff. Our comment policy is fairly strict as we believe that gaming should be a hobby that anyone can enjoy. We’re just as tired of all the toxicity and BS as you are.

General behavior that will get your comments flagged for review:

  • Posting comments containing words on our blacklist. Mostly this is limited to instances of bigotry or extreme swears. Although we will expand this list over time if we need to. In general, just don’t be toxic or overly mean and you’ll be fine.
  • Disqus also auto-flags some comments for various reasons, mods will approve these comments as long as they don’t violate other policies.

General behavior that will get your comments deleted:

  • Open expressions of any kind of bigotry that are intentional or part of a sustained pattern. If you’re coming here just to stir up trouble, don’t even bother. This includes, but is not limited to, attacks against the LGBTQ+ community, minorities or other groups for any reason. Antagonistic statements with a clear political bias or that are pejorative in nature with a clear intent to provoke negative responses are also disallowed.
  • Personal attacks against readers, staff or even just specific people not related to the site. This isn’t the place to call for “brigading” or other problematic behavior.
  • Intentionally trying to antagonize others through trolling or jokes that are in poor taste. Keep discussions on topic please.
  • Spammy comments that are clearly off-topic and aren’t even funny.
  • Overtly negative comments that insult readers, writers or staff, nitpicking and negativity are not criticism.

General behavior that will get your account banned entirely:

  • Engaging in a consistent or clear pattern of flouting the other moderation guidelines will get you banned. Also, particularly extreme or egregious examples of problematic behavior will get you banned immediately and without recourse.
  • Anyone who develops a sustained pattern of coming to the site just to troll or antagonize will be banned.
  • Staff reserves the right to ban you at their discretion if the person being banned is deemed to be a detriment to our community as a whole.

Disqus allows users to report a comment for moderation so we can review it. We encourage our readers to report problematic comments that we might miss. But please, don’t abuse the system by just reporting someone you disagree with, that makes the job our mods do so much harder.

With all that said, we acknowledge that our staff are human too. Sometimes we’ll make mistakes, but we promise to correct them ASAP. If you feel you’ve been banned unfairly, use our contact page to send us a message. Please include any and all relevant information, including your Disqus username, so that we can get to the bottom of the problem. Please be aware, if your appeal for a Disqus unbanning is rejected, and you continue to message staff about it, you will be banned from accessing the site entirely.

And to all our readers who are awesome and friendly people, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you kind and wonderful folks, we wouldn’t have built such a wonderful place to chill and chat about games and geek culture.

We’d like to finish up by reminding all of our readers that ISKMogul should be a place of discussion, enjoyment and fun. Try not to stress out if you and another community member get into a contentious discussion. Take a break from your PC for a while if your comment threads are getting to be too much to handle. Also, remember that conversations go both ways. As much as speaking is important, listening to other people is important. Don’t try to be the loudest or most assertive, just be cool and listen to what people have to say.