Exploit to make infinite money in Medieval Dynasty

How to get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a game all about building your wealth in a medieval world. There are no monsters to hunt or treasure to find, but there’s deer to hunt and crops to grow. Normally you have to slowly build up your wealth and become a powerful noble. But with infinite money in Medieval Dynasty, you can bypass the grind. Here’s how to do this exploit.

Being a new alpha game, Medieval Dynasty has a fair few issues. One of the biggest ones revolves around the in-gaem economy. The developers haven’t had a chance to implement the economy, or check for exploits. One of the most gamebreaking exploits in the game is simple to do. Just save and then immediately reload. This tricks the game into reloading both your inventory and the game state at the point you saved. The timing is a bit finicky, but it’s very simple to do once you have it down.

You can of course use this exploit to make building a house much faster. Since every time you save and reload the game, you’re going to get more of whatever is in that region. Chop down the trees you need, save, reload and bam! You now have a new crop of Logs to use. So let’s say your farming efforts have exhausted the crops you have on hand, just drop down a save and immediately reload the game to get more.

One of the easiest ways to get money from this exploit is to duplicate the contents of chests. Find any chest in the game, take the items out of it, and reload a save. The items will be marked as stolen in most cases, but that’s where the next phase comes in. You just need to take the items you grab that are marked as stolen and equip them to your hotbar. Go through the process of equipping each item to clear the flag, you can then use it at your leisure. With raw resources, you should just be able to use them directly and craft other objects with them, that will also clear the stolen flag.

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The best place to do this is the hunter shack in Branica. Check the map below for the location. Head inside the hut there and you will find a chest.

Location for chest for infinite gold

Inside this chest you will find some basic resources, as well as Bows and arrows, these are worth a ton and you can make infinite money in Medieval Dynasty in no time.

Other Money Making Tips

If you want to play the game a bit more legit, there are still plenty of ways to make money in the early game. Crafting is by far one of the best ways to make money in the game early on. Just go around gathering up basic materials like Sticks and Stones, and you have plenty of Gold that can be gathered with a bit of crafting. You need 10 sticks and 2 rocks to craft Stone Axes, which can then be sold on to any merchant that will buy them.

Also, be sure to scavenge where you can to save money. Go get water from rivers, hunt for food, that kind of thing. Mushrooms are a good food source, in case you’re bad at hunting. Learning to live off the land can also help increase your various skills, making your money-making more profitable overall.

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