How to find Violetgrass in Genshin Impact

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Violetgrass in Genshin Impact is one of many other crafting materials in the new JRPG. To get this resource is kind of random, but you need it for certain things. it’s very useful for both crafting and certain weapons. Some characters also have upgrades for it, as Violetgrass is used to upgrade Qiqi who is a wonderful tank option.

First, you will want to head to Mingyun Village which is contained within the Qionhji Estuary zone. There’s a quest that leads to this area, so make sure to do that so you’re more familiar with the zone. The zone is the same as where you gathered Cor Lapis, so it’s a pretty short trip here once you grab the teleporter nodes nearby. Once you get across the broken bridge, there’s a circular layout to the Violetgrass spawns that makes it very easy to grab a bunch by just running around the rocks.

The violetgrass grows on other cliffs around Liyue as well. You will want to open the area near Stone Gate, which is the Statue of the Seven to the southwest of the Dawn Winery. This will open up a bunch of areas where various resources grow. It will help your farming efforts later.

The Violetgrass grows on the side of the cliffs in this area, so if you look on the cliff edge you can see a few plants growing out. Both sides of the cliffs in the area will have these plants and random intervals. Check out the image below to see exactly where to look.

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You can also head around the map and start farming Ascension materials like Whopperflower nectar, along with the likes of Glaze Lily and Slime Condensate, If you’re on the hunt for some other resources like Wolfhook, we’ve got you covered. For ores, there’s Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade which you will need throughout the game.

If you want to know where pretty much anything else is in the game, there’s a tool for that. The community has created an online interactive map that lists all the spawn locations for all the different items, Geoculus locations, Statues of the Seven, and much more. Check it out and make sure to bookmark it for later use.

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