How to rack up points in Court Crashers in Fortnite

A new Limited Time Mode (LTM) has landed in Fortnite for Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 11. The new LTM has a big basketball theme, tying into both sports fans, and those wishing to recapture the magic of Space Jam. And you don’t need Buggs Bunny for this one. Here’s what you can do to score points in the new LTM. Epic has revealed the LTM as a mode where the goal is to score points, but it’s much more complex than normal basketball.

You’re going to get thrown onto a huge court with multiple colored hoops on it. There are weapons and tools scattered around, and you need to focus on those that can give you a boost. This mode is all about both vertical height and forward momentum to score points. Players have to worry about getting the ball into the right colored hoop. The harder the hoop is to get to, the more points it’s worth.

Check it out in the trailer below for more.

Your tools will be very important in the Court Crashers LTM. This is not a regulation NBA court, and you’re going to have a lot more competition. Grapple Hooks are pretty good for moving around. Clear out any enemies around and line up your shot. use the hook or any other item to get a good shot at moving toward your desired goal. You can also help steer mid-air by shooting heavy weapons behind you. Turn around and shift your direction by firing away.

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You are either team East or team West trying to be the first to reach 1000 points in order to win. You can score points in the following hoops:

  • Green – Three Points
  • Yellow – Seven Points
  • Orange – 15 Points
  • Blue – 50 Points

The Bounce Pads are very important for this whole mode. You need ot be able to get high, and these are super useful for that. If you want to be able to hit that 50-point blue hoop, you need to use the bounce pad. Jumping onto this item as you’ve lined up your shot, and it can propel you right for the goal.

And if you do well, you’re going to get some cool rewards. There is a bunch of different sports themes and skins available. Epic will also collect your clips and plays during rounds of the game, cutting them together into awesome promo footage.

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