How the Battle Armor event works in Apex Legends

How the Battle Armor event works in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, there are a lot of moving parts and changing game modes. Developer Respawn has just announced one more change that’s about to rattle the cage in a pretty big way. Players hopping into the game next month will find that an entirely new game mode has entered the rotation, and it will change the way you approach the myriad loot drops found during each match.

Players are used to jumping around the map in Apex Legends hunting for armor, shields, and weapons. But with the new Battle Armor event coming next month, that dynamic is about to change. Sure, you will still be hunting down loot drops to make your squad more effective in battle, but the type of loot you’re hunting is being manipulated.

During the Battle Armor event in Apex Legends, the types of armor will be restricted to a single loot class during a few days-long period aimed at shaking up the meta-game. During each period, starting with the most common armor, all armor-based loot drops in the matches will be replaced with one set.

The Battle Armor event in Apex Legends begins on April 28 and will close out on May 12. This is also the last day of Season 4 of play in the game. Respawn has extended the season by one week to give players more time to complete challenges and earn Battle Pass rewards. This was mostly done in response to the increase in people staying home during the ongoing pandemic.

The event is broken down into four phases with each one starting the day the previous one ends at 10 am PDT/1 pm EST. When the timer is running, no other types of armor will drop, check below for the schedule for each level. The final day of the event runs will all Evo armor dropping on the map, making for much tougher kills. Keep in mind that no Gold or Legendary Armor can drop during any phase though, so it’s actually kind of balanced, if not confusing.

Apex Battle Armor Event Schedule

  • Level 1 (White/Common) armor
    April 28 – May 2
  • Level 2 (Blue/Rare) armor
    May 2 – May 6
  • Level 3 (Purple/Epic) armor
    May 6 – May 9
  • Evo Armor
    May 9 – May 12

The final phase of the event offers a completely different experience, where al armor drops are replaced with the Evo Armor. The Evo Armor works similarly to the Evo Shield, and it’s really powerful.  Players are pretty hyped by having an armor setup that also scales up with the amount of damage dealt by the player. This means that very aggressive play is pretty much required during the Evo Armor phase. This will make this few days at the end of Season 4 very interesting indeed.

Players can earn double XP as a reward for doing well, with the top five squads getting a bonus during the course of the event. This applies during the Evo Armor portion of the Battle Armor event only from May 9 to May 12.

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