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Check out the gory new combat gameplay for Rage 2

Rage 2 Eden Assault Gameplay

id Software and Avalanche Studios are working hard on Rage 2, and this week after Gamescom we’ve got some new gameplay footage of the gory action in the game.

Just like we would expect from a mutant-filled wasteland, Rage 2 looks like it’s filled with tons of gore and suffering, but since it’s a video game it’s also all covered in neon colors and multiple layers of insanity. And with the open-world setting, we can expect player agency to create some pretty cool and chaotic scenarios.

The trailer also showcases the in-game “Nanotrite” abilities that essentially give the player superpowers. If you want to send enemies flipping across the landscape just by pointing at them, this is your dream game. There’s also some showcasing of the mission-based structure of the story in Rage 2.

If you want to more superpowered mutants in action in Rage 2, check out the gameplay footage from E3. There’s also a short teaser and some screenshots. And just for fun, you may want to take a peek at the vehicular mayhem that ensues during the Eden assault.

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Rage 2 will release come for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in Spring 2019. Check out the latest gameplay trailer down below.

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