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How to become the Crisis in Stellaris Nemesis

How to become the Crisis in Stellaris Nemesis

The Stellaris Nemesis DLC is out today, adding another set of options for players to fool around with on their way to galactic domination. The new DLC is all about expanding the diplomacy and warfare options in the already expansive 4X game with new choices It’s all about making a cold war for some players, and for others, it’s going to be more about having a full-on slobber knocker of a brawl. The Stellaris Nemesis DLC offers a few key changes to the game’s endgame as well.

One of the biggest tweaks is that players can now become the endgame crisis of their own little galaxy. The previous versions of this event are a deterministic event that’s meant to challenge the player in a way that pushes their empire to its limit. Beating the endgame crisis is often considered the endpoint of that run of the game. Allowing players to literally become the potential end of all things is a big twist, and adds tons of roleplay options to the already varied playstyles that are possible here.

To become the endgame crisis in Stellaris Nemesis, you need to fulfill some basic steps.

  • You must have at least two ascension perks unlocked before picking Become the Crisis
  • All of the following must be false
    • Has Xenophile Ethic
    • Has Fanatic Xenophile Ethic
    • Has Pacifist Ethic
    • Has Fanatic Pacifist Ethic
    • Has Rogue Servitor Civic
  • You must have an empty Ascension Perk slot

Once you have all the options above taken care of, you can choose a new Perk that’s called “Become the Crisis”. This will alter the state of the game to make it so that everyone views you as a threat. The game also triggers a special Crisis Level mechanic for the player that allows them to unlock new powers to take on their foes. You can raise this Crisis Level with new unique Research options. You can manage all these new mechanics via the Crisis screen in the Traditions UI.

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Other changes include the player gaining Existential Expulsion and Imposed Inclusion Casus Belli, which allow wars to be declared at their leisure. Imposed Inclusion is used for when you want to force an enemy to be a vassal, whereas Existential Expulsion is just plainly wiping them out.

The biggest change is that you now become responsible for defending and building a powerful, galaxy-ending, superweapon, and it’s your job to get it operational. For this reason, expect every enemy and friendly empire to turn against you when you trigger this perk. Stellaris Nemesis is all about making war on the galaxy, so be prepared.

As you level up your Crisis Level, you gain a variety of bonuses, check out the guide for managing the Crisis for more on that.

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