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Star Citizen showcases Alien and Aegis ships for CitizenCon

Star Citizen

Star Citizen has been pumping out tons of news following this year’s CitizenCon reveals. As part of this blitz of news, we’ve seen the beginning of a full free trial weekend. This was where players could take any ship from a manufacturers line for a spin for 24 hours, combined with discounts on many different ship models. Cloud Imperium Games even revealed a new 40-person combined arms shooter mode as an addon for Star Marine. The company also showcased a new Carrier, the Drake Kraken, coming in alpha 3.8 and beyond. That $1,700 beast is by no means the only ship shown during CitizenCon 2019 though.

These free flight periods rotated through a variety of different ship builders, including Anvil Aerospace with a whole suite of different ships in various roles. And yes, these new trailers are once again including the satirical take on a legendary Top Gear presenter. The Aegis and Exotics lines — the name for alien craft in Star Citizen — are up next following the recent Drake and Anvil reveals.

First up is the Aegis block, with each of these starships focusing on a few different specialized jobs. The massive Reclaimer and the Hammerhead are included in this block by the way.  The Avenger class of ships, catering to both law enforcement and bounty hunters are just a few other ships in their line. There’s fighter craft like the Gladius line with their own unique weapon suites, joined by the Sabre and Vanguard ship types dealing with both dropship and bomber roles. Check out the look at the full Aegis line in the trailer below.

Then there’s the alien crafts. These so-called “Exotics” are all alien in design and source, and have an extremely strange look. For ground-based options, two Nox bikes are in the roster. Vanduul and Banu alien fighters offer their own agile and entirely weird options for prowlers looking to strafe and bomb their targets. Check out the look at the full Exotics line in the trailer below.

$249,763,798 has currently been raised by CIG to support the game, as of writing. This meteoric rise in support is thanks in part to new methods of monetization by CIG, like selling planetary land claims for real cash.

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