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Pokemon GO adds Regirock raids for new Legendary

Pokemon Go Regirock Raid Guide

Legendary Pokemon Regirock will start to appear in Pokemon Go this week. Regirock is one of the fabled Legendary Pokemon from Generation IV, and is quite a tough contender. Despite being weak to multiple types – Water, Grass, Ground, Steel and Fighting specifically – it possesses devastating attack power against any enemy weak to Rock types.

This means that things like Kyogre and it’s Water moves, or Machamp with Fighting moves like Counter, are an excellent choice to fend off Regirock with. Venusaur, Heracross and Exeggutor are also good backup if they have Grass moves. Avoid anything weak to Rock, Fighting or Electric moves though, as Regirock will wreck Pokemon like Gyarados.

As usual, there’s the potential for getting a boosted CP score if you face off with Regirock under the right conditions. To catch a weather boosted Regirock, raid during Partly Cloudy weather.

The move list for Regirock is as follows:

  • Rock Throw (Rock)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting)
  • Stone Edge (Rock)
  • Focus Blast (Fighting)
  • Zap Cannon (Electric)

Here are the CP stats for the new Legendary:

  • 1764 CP at L20, perfect (15) IVs
  • 2205 CP in Partly Cloudy weather at L25, perfect IV Regirock

Fighting type Pokémon take less damage from Rock moves, making them a great secondary against Regirock, pair these with Kyogre for best results. If possible, bring in an army of Machamps, Hariyamas, Brelooms and even Heracross. Poliwrath and Vaporeon are useful if you prefer Water-type moves in your backup roster, although watch out for Zap Cannon variants.

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You need a minimum of 4 players for Regirock, although 5-7 with a good set of balanced counters like the ones noted above is best.

And fans are pretty excited with this recent addition because with it came teases that new content from Generation IV, that’s Ruby and Sapphire versions of the portable games if you didn’t know. References were found in the game code for the update that included Sinnoh badges. Could this mean a new tier of unlocks and Pokemon is headed to Pokemon Go? We’ll just have to wait and see what Niantic has in store for us.

Pokémon Go is available now for Android and iOS. Regirock’s raid battles are currently active and will remain so until next month, specifically September 20th. In other Pokemon Go news, the next Community Day events were announced, including Chikorita, so can’t wait for that.

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