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Star Citizen announces first day of free fly with Anvil Aerospace

Star Citizen announces first day of free fly with Anvil Aerospace

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games opened the gates of the 2949 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, otherwise known as CitizenCon. With a new in-universe trailer, CIG gives players access to the full arsenal of one of the in-game ship builders. In this case, it’s Anvil Aerospace. The trailer stars a rather tongue-in-cheek reference to a certain Top Gear presenter in Jax McCleary.

Anvil Aerospace leads the charge for the free flight period, with many more ship makers to follow in the coming days. The first day of the expo will see a glut of new announcements about current and future content coming to the space sim that is Star Citizen. The ship design is iconic within the game universe, having designed and built

CIG showcased a ton of new content for CitizenCon this year too. And it’s not just the new free-to-play segments that are getting plenty of attention. The the brand new “Theatres of War” 20v20 gameplay mode leads the charge so far.

2,423,780 accounts have been registered for the game so far, but this number is likely to increase with the free fly event that is starting now, letting anyone who wants to hop in get a taste. These new event is a great way to test out new ships that you haven’t flown before, completely for free. Players will also be able to take advantage of the ongoing anniversary sale. During said sale, players can get deep in-game discounts on a certain series of ships, with Anvil Aerospace once again getting things started.

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As far as what impact these announcements have had, that’s pretty obvious. A total of $242,092,249 has been raised by backers so far. Just over the last few hours, nearly $1 million has been raised by fans to fund Star Citizen. And with some time left to go in the convention and more news to hear, you can be assured that this total will rise.

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