How to add Legion to your crew in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How to add Legion in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition to your crew

Mass Effect is probably the best game in the franchise, and with the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players get to relive this great game. The newest remaster has all the joy of the older games, with a brand new coat of paint. And it looks like fans are excited to get Legion back onto their crew. Here’s how to do that.

Legion in Mass Effect 2 is the NPC that was added from the Geth that represents a shift in the way the series treats the robotic hive. Legion is the combined conscious of more than 1,000 Geth programs from the Geth hive that are fused into one host body.

Getting this robo-pal on your team is easier said than done, though, here’s how. You need to get fairly deep into the game until you unlock the Reaper IFF mission. The quest will send Shepard and crew to find an IFF tag that they need to continue the mission. This is needed to pass through the Omega 4 Relay safely, and you need to harvest it from a derelict Reaper nearby.

Over the course of that mission, you will have to encounter Legion. You can choose to bring it back and have it join your crew when you encounter it. Just converse with the construct and over the course of the story, you will get him on your crew. There is another option as well.

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Now comes the time for a very important choice. Cerberus wants to buy Legion for 50,000 Credits. That may be tempting, but it will mess up your overall progress. Selling Legion to Cerberus will block the Geth from joining the crew permanently,  and that includes in the next game. Selling Legion off can doom your future playthrough if you’re going for 100% completion.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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