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Total War: Three Kingdoms Ambush of Sun Ren Gameplay

Total War Three Kingdoms Ambush of Sun Ren

Another sun rises, and another batch of gameplay for Total War: Three Kingdoms has dawned with it. This time we get to see more depth from the story-driven interactions between factions, as well as more facets of in-game combat.

Titled “Total War: Three Kingdoms Ambush of Sun Ren”, this latest gameplay from Creative Assembly has a lot of meat on it’s bones. So let’s dig in.

As you may have guessed from the title, the trailer focuses on another new character for the game. This time it’s Sun Ren, the daughter of Sun Jian, the Tiger of Jiangdong. By the way, Sun Jian also got a trailer this week, one which showed the beautiful campaign map in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The video opens in the midst of an ongoing campaign, setting a hypothetical stage for what could happen in a run of the game. The narration sets the stage for grand conflict between the dynasties of Wei, Wu and Shu, showcases night battles and a campaign narration for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Though the setting for this particular example is ahistorical, it still does a good job demonstrating what kind of scenarios the player might encounter.

But beware, Total War: Three Kingdoms has a few tricks up it’s sleeve to fool the unwary. Players will need to navigate a complex political and military quagmire via a combination of different strategies. Whether you need to arrange a temporary alliance with a rival in order to eliminate a mutual enemy, or need to crush resistance with brutal assassinations or subterfuge and ambush, the choice is up to you.

In the case of this gameplay trailer, we get to see such a scenario when an army is ambushed and a night battle ensues. I must say, the environmental effects look stunning. The burning trees and flying arrows look really cool in the heat of battle. But we can’t spend too long smelling the flowers, because things can turn south very fast. Luckily your various normal and hero units have different abilities and formations that can help turn the tide of battle. Using these key abilities at crucial moments in the battle will be vital to success. And as one would expect, you absolutely must keep your most powerful hero units alive in order to win in the campaign in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released exclusively for PC sometime in Spring 2019. You can check out the Ambush of Sun Ren trailer down below.

Whereas our E3 demo was one of the game’s Historical Battles, with Gamescom we wanted to do something a little different. With this demo we wanted to showcase a battle as it can play out in a Total War: Three Kingdoms campaign. This demo is set 20 year after the game’s start date and the campaign flyover tells the story so far as it could play out in your game, while also tying into the Sun Quan vs Cao Cao conflict that happened around this time in history.

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