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Metro Exodus shotgun trailer shows off some real power

Metro Exodus Shotgun Trailer

4A Games and Deep Silver aren’t letting up the assault of videos and press coverage for the post-apocalyptic and mutant-filled nightmare that is Metro Exodus. And in keeping with the current trend of showing off the impressive amount of weapons, and the deep customization possible on said weapons, there’s another new trailer for the game, this time it’s all about the close-range domination of the shotgun class.

And yes, there’s plenty of destructive options for players to fool around with in this class too. There’s the single barrel Ashot, which is the most common type, and a good standby weapon. This short-barreled weapon is more helpful in a tight spot than it is useful as a main weapon though. You can of course stick on more barrels or other mods to increase its destructive power, up to four barrels in all. That’s just the beginning though, as the Shambler will allow players to blast their way through hordes of mutants will fully automatic fire.

4A Games and Deep Silver have shown off plenty of other action for this game, and not just in terms of the massive arsenal of weaponry. There’s trailers showing the pistols and SMGs and their customization options, there’s also a trailer for the rifles class as well. Then there was a trailer earlier in the press cycle for Metro Exodus that showcased the story too. The most recent trailer for the game though was a much grimmer CGI offering called “Artyom’s Nightmare“.

Metro Exodus will release on February 15 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can take a peek at the new shotgun weapon class trailer down below.

There’s plenty of other coverage for the game out there too. Deep Silver and 4A Games have released the full PC requirements for Metro Exodus. The developers also released a documentary series promoting the game. There’s also a new “Uncovered” trailer which recaps all of the new content coming in this game.

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