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Metro Exodus weapons trailer

Metro Exodus Weapons Trailer

In a new trailer for Metro Exodus, 4A Games has revealed a bit more detail of the game world, specifically related to how weapons and ammo will work within the post-apocalyptic world.

Fans of the previous games should remember the scarcity of ammunition being such a problem that rounds of ammo were often treated like valuable currency in the barter economies within the game world’s various factions. 4A Games is taking that feeling of dread and desperation to another level with Metro Exodus to make this struggle for resources even more daunting and important.

And just like the other games, the player will have access to a massive array of weaponry to blast their way across the wastes with. Each major class of small arms is represented here, each with their own uses and challenges. And of course, the slapdash nature of the setting allows players to customize their weaponry in unique ways. Part of this gameplay will involve an idea players of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be familiar with. Weapons in the wasteland need to be cleaned and maintained with replacement parts, or else their performance suffers.

4A Games and Deep Silver plan to release a series of videos detailing the four main weapon classes even more, so be on the lookout for that.

First up, are the ever-dependable handguns. These close-range implements of death are one of your primary means of defense. The player can also modify them heavily, turning them into snub SMGs or low-powered rifles with the right materials. Of course these scavenged parts might break, rendering your gun worse off than before.

Next is the even closer-range shotgun class of firearms. These devastating sprayers of lead can be modified to include double-barrels or even four barrels. And they are absolutely unstoppable for taking on small groups at close range. If you can get close, you can own the day with these bad boys.

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The next major class of gear are the rifles. There’s the newer Kalash rifles that were created post-war, and the so-called Bulldog rifles that are pre-war and dependable, but very scarce.

The final class of weapons is a unique set of gear that was crafted post-war by the survivors. These choices of weaponry tend to be either rather niche, but also highly customizable. They also have the option of using scrap as ammo in some cases, making them rather useful.

If you want to see more info about the game, there’s plenty to offer. There’s the ultra-swanky collector’s editions for the game featuring things like a copy of the game encased in a Steelbook, a 32-page Art Book, and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. There’s the Aurora Edition which includes those items encased in a steel box resembling the Aurora train from within the game world too.

In terms of gameplay, there’s a gameplay trailer from Gamescom which offers another glimpse into the world of Metro Exodus. So you should look into that if you want to know more about the game and it’s depressing world. We also found out that the game is getting a photo mode on launch as well.

Deep Silver and Microsoft revealed a plan for a Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle to be released. This specialty bundle contains a 1TB Xbox One X Console with the remastered versions of the original titles Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux, and it also contains Metro Exodus.

Check out the newest trailer for the game down below. If you want to see more about the story of this title, there’s a story trailer too. he game comes out on on February 15 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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