How to unlock building slots in Stellaris 3.0

What do Crisis Levels in Stellaris Nemesis do?

Stellaris 3.0 has dropped today as another free update to this incredible 4X Grand Strategy game. Just like previous patches, this patch was released with a bundle of DLC. The Nemesis DLC adds new endgame Crisis options to the game, but only for those that buy-in. A free version 3.0 patch changes the core game in a variety of ways. The new version adds new shipsets and other content, but changes a pretty core game mechanic. In this new version, population growth has been removed as the primary way to unlock building slots.

Also, just for the sake of pointing it out, you can now force a certain endgame crisis via the game start options. You can also set an entirely random crisis as well. Anyway, back to the buildings.

The Basics of Building Slots in Stellaris 3.0

Building slots in Stellaris 3.0 are no longer tied to the Population Slots in the game. Instead, building slots in Stellaris 3.0 are tied to either of two stats. The higher the level of your main Settlement Building, the more building slots you get. Or, the more Cities you have on a planet, the higher number of potential building slots.

How to unlock building slots in Stellaris 3.0

Each planet has a certain number of districts you can build, just like in previous versions, so it could be a viable strategy to focus on large planets for colonization. This assumes that you have cleared all of your Blockers on a planet. So be sure to put some research and time into doing that.

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Another way to increase the number of total building slots you have is to upgrade your Capital building. There are four levels to your colony, based on the level of your Planetary Admin building. As you go up in levels, you will also unlock new and more powerful buildings to add new armies and other bonuses to your empire.

Here are each of the four ranks to the planetary administration building:

  • Reassembled Ship Shelter (starting colony Capital)
  • Planetary Administration (Planetary Government technology)
  • Planetary Capital (Colonial Centralization technology)
  • System Capital-Complex (Galactic Administration technology)

Also, you can combine these levels with the City Districts, so there’s not really a hard limit on the number of slots, until you hit the maximum number of Cities. As you go up in Crisis Level, you might also get some bonuses to Buildings and Slots, so keep an eye out for that if you’re playing that game.

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