How to complete Odysseus Myth Challenges in Immortals Fenyx Rising

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Immortals Fenyx Rising has a ton of stuff to do. The game has a lot of hidden challenges that offer plenty of tough fights and exploration challenges. The Odysseus Myth Challenges blend all of this to make the game much more interesting. These Myth Challenges will be marked on the map by a golden arrow icon on the map. You will see them after using Far Sight. Look for the golden arrows to know where to go. When you first find the Odysseus Myth Challenges, you might need some help, here’s what to pay attention to.

Odysseus was a fabled Greek hero, and much of the myth surrounding ancient Greece is derived from the stories built around the concept of exploring the ancient world and telling incredible stories. The Epic Cycle and titles like the Little Iliad has a ton of material, and the player is about to chew through a lot of the broad strokes. This particular mission involves archery skills.

As you get through the game, you will unlock various powerful abilities like Apollo’s Arrow. You can use these for both combat and solving some puzzles. The abilities you unlock often involve using these kinds of abilities to overcome challenges. The first set of challenges revolves around using Apollo’s Arrow to light the target braziers around the challenge area. You will need to jump around the area and go through the giant axe handles. This will then let you light the braziers, as you fire the arrows through the rings.

Start by standing on the pressure plates around and you will see your target light up. FIre an arrow through the ring to light the brazier. Move over to the next pressure plate and repeat the process. The track will run through the entire area.

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Keep in mind that if you’re having trouble, you can change the difficulty. On the lower difficulty options, you can keep the rings lit to fly through them if you mess up. On higher settings, the rings will eventually wink out.

Completing the challenge will unlock a cache of Coins of Charon. These can be used to unlock new Godly Powers.

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