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Valve adds steam scam warnings after controversy


A bunch of gamers have noticed that Valve is making efforts to combat item scamming on Steam ever since some devs were caught making fake versions of valuable items to scam money from unsuspecting people

The new additions take the form of a pair of warning popups for Steam users engaging in item trades on the Steam marketplace.

The first warns players if “one or more of the items you’re receiving in this trade come from new games on Steam.”. The second warning is in the form of letting users know if items they’re trading for “come from games that you have never played.”. While these changes will likely help reduce scams on the Steam marketplace, Valve isn’t done dealing with the problem just yet. The company is also requiring additional approval for app name changes and other changes to in-game item drops. This whole shift is part of a long-term solution that the company plans to implement in the coming months to curb scams and low-quality games on Steam.

Like the issue with Abstractism, wherein that game mined cryptocurrency and tried to peddle worthless items, more developers are likely to try and abuse the lack of substantive preventions to make a quick buck at the expense of users. So all in all, this is a good change. Valve banned the developer(s) involved with Abstractism, let’s just hope people learned the correct lesson and it won’t lead to more users getting scammed or infected with malware.

Previously, Valve didn’t have a policy in-place for scam reversals, so it’s good that Steam is making it more of a priority to protect users from losing money. Let’s just hope that the company keeps on course and works to prevent more scams in the future.

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