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Amazon’s new MMO New World has been delayed until August

Amazon's New World

Amazon has not had the easiest time breaking into game development. The massive retail outlet has dominated a variety of industries, rocketing to the forefront of retail distribution, media, and other ventures. The company went through a variety of problems with its Lumberyard engine, which was at one point being pushed as a component within Star Citizen. And issues only compounded when Amazon was forced to shed much of its game-related projects in 2019 due to various issues.

As Amazon stated:

“We know you are eagerly anticipating the launch of New World, and we’re excited to share it with you. However, the health and safety of our team is our first priority. We hope you understand our decision to protect our team during these uncertain times while we re-focus on a timeline that will ensure New World is the best possible game it can be.”

The primary motivators for this change are centered around the COVID-19 pandemic, as pretty much everything is nowadays. The reduced staffing levels, loss of support from ancillary studios and other issues have compounded to the point where the New World MMO has had to be delayed. The Closed Beta phase for testing the game is now slated for July 2020. Amazon’s ambitious project is now set to release on August 25th.

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Amazon is intending the game to be the next generation of MMORPGs. With the New World, the goal is to interface various social features in the real world into the gameplay itself. Deep Twitch integration with broadcaster-led events were being built up as a core component. The game world itself would also constantly shift and change, including having full weather and climate systems.

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