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Icebrood Saga expands war effort with No Quarter

Icebrood Saga No Quarter Revealed

ArenaNet loves regular releases for their flagship game, Guild Wars 2. Smaller than expansions, but not quite simple patches, these updates have kept the game fresh. The addition of new story content and gameplay mechanics has added a ton of life to the game. long past its initial launch. Called Living World releases, these paid DLC packs add new missions and areas that take players to new heights of power. There are four of them currently, and there’s a ton of meat on their bones.

The latest iteration, Icebrood Saga, is getting new content in a new release. Wars between various factions have gone from cold to very hot in a short amount of time. Ryland Steelcatcher’s United Legions are locked in a hateful battle against the Dominion, and neither side is backing down. Players will be thrown into the middle, and asked to pick a side. The conflict, at least for now, is restricted to the new zone of Drizzlewood Coast. It’s an instanced arena nestled into the Woodland Cascades.

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Check out the trailer for Icebrood Saga, No Quarter, down below.

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The centerpiece of No Quarter is a new PvE Strike mission. These PvE missions are meant to be a stepping stone in the endgame, between Dungeons and massive Raids. Deep within the Woodland Cascades, players will have to raid their way into the enemy camp, taking out some kind of powerful weapon. The new strike is called Cold War, and will feature a mix of puzzles and boss fights.

Along with all of that, Icebrood Saga has added a bunch of other content. There’s new gear to outfit characters with like armor sets, weapon skins and so much more. There are even some sizzling new crafting items. The new Stormcaller and Tengu sets all get recipes for the aspiring crafter.

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